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    1954 Coca Cola bottling co base

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi, I'm puzzled by this bottle and my research just hits dead ends, maybe someone here can tell me something about this bottle.
    The embossed letters on the bottoms indicates that it is an Owens-Illinois bottle made in Alton,IL 1954, so not very old.
    Embossed letters on the bottom "PROP. OF COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO GARDEN CITY, KANSAS". As I understand Coca-Cola didn't make any other beverages at this time so what was it used for? I found a bottle with the same side stripes on eBay but it has Coca-Cola on the side while mine is just striped, the owner of that bottle claims it is pre WWI. I will add a picture of the side.

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    This is what's known as a flavour bottle. Coca Cola itself didn't make any other products, but its franchisees made all sorts of different products unique to the franchise, and that's what bottles like these were used for. They come in all sorts of designs and end up puzzling quite a lot of people!

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    Thank you very much 👍😀

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    Canadian Bottles is correct. Coca-Cola owned franchises and bottlers. They had multiple lines existing in subsidiary companies or owned bottling companies in towns that bottled for multiple products.

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    There is no way it is pre WW1 due to the Owens Illinois mark on the base, that came out much later, like the late 1940's.

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    this bottle is no later then 1936. and possibly used up into the late 1940s.

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    As a Coca Cola collector it's also my understanding that if a bottle has Coca Cola in the traditional script letters it contained Coke. If it's in block letters it was a flavor bottle.

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    I just came across this discussion this morning and thought I'd add a few comments ...

    1. According to numerous sources, the Garden City Coca Cola Bottling franchise was established in 1912
    2. And as far as I know it is still in operation.
    3. The bottle in question is typical of the styles produced during the 1920s and 1930s
    4. The Owens-Illinois Glass Company was established in 1929
    5. I would have to see a better picture of the base to be sure, but it appears the number 4 is offset
    6. If the number 4 is offset, it could indicate the original mold was changed
    7. Changing mold date codes was a common practice at one time - It benefited the glass maker as well as the bottler
    8. If the number 4 was added later, it could mean the number 5 was the original number for either 1935 or 1945
    9. If the number 4 ISN'T offset and is in perfect alignment with the 5, then the bottle was more than likely made in 1954
    10. The bottle was almost definitely a fruit flavor bottle and never contained Coca Cola no matter when it was made

    Again, a good, focused picture of the base will help determine if any of my observations are valid


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    Here's a cropped, enhanced pic of the base - but even zooming in on it I can't tell for certain about the position of the number 4

    Click image for larger version. 

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