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    Native American Themed Bottles - Vintage

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ID:	189859Hello - I recently purchased this pair of "vintage" bottles. Initially I was unsure if they were vintage or just made to appear such. As I have studied them I do think they are older but as I have little experience in this area of collecting thought I would solicit views of true experts. They measure just under 12" tall; they are made of green glass covered with a vinyl coating that is decorated with portraits of a Native American man and woman. The decoration appears to have been created using lithography. The bottles are similar but not identical. There are some markings on the underside - primarily numbers (see photo) Welcome any/all views/opinions. ThanksClick image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the forum! They certainly aren't that old, the design gives off an 80s or 90s feeling to me. It looks like there's a Chinese character on the bottom as well, so I'm guessing these were imported as some sort of decor. I don't think they ever actually held anything.

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    Thanks so much. My initial reaction was much the same - but after closer examination my curiosity was not satisfied. I always find it odd in the Era of Google when I fail to find comparables? In any case, thanks for the comment and I suspect you are on the right track. Regards

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