1. Slabbing N Cabbing

    My collection so far.. for sale

    Hello my name is Nicholas. I am fascinated with vintage glass from North America. Here is my collection of insulators, that I gathered in the last couple months. Please let me know if you want one of these more than I.. they are for sale. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
  2. Slabbing N Cabbing

    Howdy from Montana...

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nicholas and I’m from Montana.. I got the glass bug when I was hiking/ hunting, and found a purple solarized glass bottle bottom. Since then I have been collecting bottles from the Yellowstone river. I have been fascinated with old American...
  3. 2brotherspicks

    I am a picker and I come across crocks and bottles

    Hello everyone I am a picker and I come across crocks and bottles all the time and never no what they are worth. Here a three I picked up yesterday...
  4. J

    A few bottles

  5. steviep

    Early drug store history and why we preserve?

    What's important to me is preserving the history and stories, good or bad of early drug stores or apothecaries. By the late 1800s, pharmacists or (druggists) came to a crossroads. On one hand, they were medical professionals and on others, they had a business to run. They had to balance these...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    My smallest bottle I've ever found

    Today while walking around in an old bottle dump near a creek, I found this little piece. Most everything in that area ends up being broken. I guess this one survived simply because it is so small. It's 2" tall and 1 3/8" wide. On the bottom there is 68 with an F under the numbers. Any ideas on...
  7. Beshires1

    What the heck did I find?

    Dug this weird bottle? this morning. from a late 1800s to 1930s dump It has no markings at all. Anysuggestions as to what it could have been used for?
  8. WesternPA-collector

    Two broken pontils- How old are they?

    Today I came across two pre-1900's bottles that were sadly broken. I'm just trying to find out how old they are, to determine if it's worth going back again and trying to find some intact ones. I don't generally know a lot about bottles from this era.
  9. B

    19th Century Cathedral Peppersauce Bottle w/ blank panel

    Has anyone seen a mid 1800's four square pepper sauce with a missing center panel? There are three panels on three sides pf the bottle, with the center panel missing from the fourth side. Can't remember seeing this before, although this is my first pepper sauce bottle and I admittedly never...
  10. H


    Hello everyone, I was just curious, does anyone know how the molds for antique bottles, in the late 1890s were made? How the molds themselves were made, not the bottles? Do you know if there was first a cast iron form of the bottle made to cast the mold or? Please any help would be greatly...
  11. U

    For Sale: antique blue slag glass

    Hello, my name is Jacob. I have a good amount of quality (blue) slag glass from the heart of iron mining in the Great Lakes region. The furnace in which my material comes from dates back to 1857. To be specific, The Jackson mine (Negaunee, MI) was the first iron mine in the Great Lakes region...
  12. A

    Seeking: Shopping for old bottles in Rome and Florence

    Hi all! I'm traveling to Rome and Florence for a few days in a few weeks and thinking it would be great to check a few antique/vintage stores to dig bottles. I'm thinking there might be some pretty cool finds! Has anyone ever shopped for bottles in Rome and/or Florence? Any shops/neighborhoods...
  13. M

    Chestnut Flask ?

    Mottled green color, it has a cork (?) intact in lip, dregs inside bottom, painting on outside of one side, neck of bottle is crooked not straight, neck glass shows imperfections, 13" tall. SHA Archaeologist said it might be a chestnut flask, but shape is unusual enough so he wasn't 100% sure...
  14. K

    200+ Bottles From Clean Out

    We purchased over 200 bottles from a clean out. We are able to identify many of them but we are stumped by a few. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. We are looking to sell most of them once identified. We have Carter ink wells, Campbell bottles and more. Since it is difficult to see...
  15. H

    Bottle Identification

    I have several bottles posted below that I am trying to identify. My great grandfather was a doctor and my great uncle was a pharmacist and we have just begun digging up where their burn piles or dump piles were. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated!!

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