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beer bottle

  1. woods_walker

    Almost gave up and found a pre pro Detroit beer bottle

    Hey guys first post here. Thought my digging days were over for the year as it gets pretty cold and snowy here in northern Michigan this time of year. With a little bit of warmer temps and melting snow I decided to go dig some bottles after work. I went to my usual spot which is tough digging...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    M. Allgeier Sons Brookville, PA Beer Bottle

    Today I happened to get very lucky and I found this M. Allgeier Sons Brookville, PA Beer Bottle at a thrift store for just $2.00. As soon as I saw the bubbles and seams on it I knew I had something really good. Made by Dominick O. Cunningham Glass company and has the number 1055 on the heel...

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