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  1. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Any point in keeping blank pre-1900 bottles?

    I have quite a few pre-1900 bottles with no markings lying around, is there any interest in these? If someone wants them I would be glad to send them, but I imagine interest is low. Here's a photo. They haven't been cleaned yet as I usually just throw them out.
  2. T

    SP bottle

    Hello i have a dark green bottle that is embossed with”SP” on it. Other than a letter “X” on the bottom, there are no other markings. The seam stops half way up neck. There are lines running up and down the bottle on neck, like where the glass was stretched to form the bottle. I found this along...
  3. WesternPA-collector

    These bottles didn't make it

    The past Thursday when temperatures reached a steamy 80 degrees in PA, I was able to get out and continue searching a spot I've been working on for about a year. Sadly there were a lot of late 1800's / early 1900's bottles that were intact enough to read but were broken. Many were near...
  4. M

    Beer Bottle (Gerresheimer Glas)

    I am having some difficulty learning about this bottle. The maker's mark appears to be "G" beneath crown. I believe the manufacturer is Gerresheimer Glas. Any thoughts on if this manufacturer is correct and which one of these numbers is the date code?
  5. WesternPA-collector

    Rolling Rock Bottle question

    I'm wondering what the glassmaker would be for a Rolling Rock bottle from 1943 that has an A inside of a triangle. Normally the maker would be Anchor Hocking so this doesn't make any sense to me. I know Brockway also made some too but that's not a Brockway symbol.
  6. WesternPA-collector

    ID on a stubby beer bottle?

    Hello everyone. Today I need some help on a stubby beer bottle I found on a recent hunt. So far I know it was made by Brockway Glass in Zanesville, Ohio in 1976. But I am not sure what beer company the embossed lion emblem represents. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  7. B

    "Independent" Beer or Soda - Flint, Michigan

    Wondering about this bottle... It's machine made, I suppose from the 1920s or so based on association with other bottles. I have two, one is clear, the other lightly aqua. It's embossed on two sides with "Independent" "7 ozs." On the bottom on one side it's got the "This Bottle is Never...
  8. C

    Mt. Carbon Brewery One Quart Amber Beer Bottle, need info and value please

    I found this bottle in a creek near Worton, MD. It appears to be an amber champagne beer bottle, made by the Reed Glass Company. The body reads Mt. Carbon Brewery, which was a well-known coal area PA brewery. The bottom reads MT. CARBON BREWERY POTTSVILLE, PA and ONE QUART. There is the Reed...
  9. CreekWalker

    Liquor & Spirits bottle collectors ,this is not to be missed.

    I watched the first installment of Ken Burns, Prohibition series and was absolutely astonished by the presentation. It has many, many references of northeast bottlers and distilleries. It's on PBS and has it's own website,

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