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  1. UnderMiner

    Huge Blob Top Bottle Haul (Feb. 5th - Feb. 7th 2024)

    These are all bottles I recovered from a series of hunts I conducted on 2/5 2/6 and 2/7. Bottles include from left to right: 1. Fred W. Fleer from Graham Ave. Brooklyn. Circle slug with horseshoe. 2. Chas H. Bevers from Hastings 'On the Hudson' NY 3. Lembeck and Betz from Jersey City NJ...
  2. UnderMiner

    D. G. Yuengling - NYC Variant

    Today's finds: 1. H. Straehle, New Rochelle NY 2. Beadleston & Woerz Empire Brewery (1878-1920) 3. D. G. Yuengling New York (1880's-1897) 4. U-NO-US (You Know Us) Bruckner Beverages 406-414 E. 161st Street NY 5. Thos. E. Morrisey, 169 Java Street NY 6. Bowl from the New York City Central...
  3. Finds of August 9th 2023

    Finds of August 9th 2023

    1. Doct. Marshall's Catarrh Snuff 2. Colorite 3. Hoster Columbus A. B. CO. 4. J. M. Donnelly Regal Lager Beer
  4. UnderMiner

    Doct. Marshall's Snuff, Hoster, J. M. Donnelly Beer, etc.

    Today's finds: 1. Doct. Marshall's Catarrh Snuff, Illinois Glass pre-1929. 2. Colorite 3. Hoster Columbus A. B. CO. 4. J. M. Donnelly Regal Lager Beer J. M. Donnelly in situ: Hoster in situ: Doct. Marshall's Catarrh Snuff:
  5. Blob Top Bottles May 16th 2023

    Blob Top Bottles May 16th 2023

    From left to right: 1. Charles J. Fritz Bowery Bay House 924-926 Steinway Ave. L.I.C. 2. The John Eichler Brewing Co. 3. The Ebling Brewing Co. New York.
  6. May 17th Finds

    May 17th Finds

    Front Row left to right: 1. Seipp's Beer, Chicago, Alcohol Content 2 1/2% 2. Scott's Emulsion Cod Lover Oil with Lime and Soda 3. Burnett's Standard Flavoring Extracts 4. Major's Cement New York 5. Coli-Actine "Feng" 6. Ben Hur 7. Flushing Mineral Water Co. Flushing NY
  7. UnderMiner

    Finds of May 17th 2023

    Conducted a dig yesterday, May 17th 2023, here are some of the finds: Front Row left to right: 1. Seipp's Beer, Chicago, Alcohol Content 2 1/2% 2. Scott's Emulsion Cod Lover Oil with Lime and Soda 3. Burnett's Standard Flavoring Extracts 4. Major's Cement New York 5. Coli-Actine "Feng" 6. Ben...
  8. C. V. Garrison Blob Top

    C. V. Garrison Blob Top

    I seem to be finding alot of these C.V. Garrison bottles lately. This one was made by Karl Hutter in 1908. Excavated from a 1924-capped landfill.
  9. Bachmann-Bechtel Bottle

    Bachmann-Bechtel Bottle

    This is a Bachmann-Bechtel Brewing Co. beer bottle from Staten Island N.Y. It was made between 1907-1911 and features a unique pictorial four leaf clover logo. The company went out of business after the owner, 30 year old William Bachmann, died of a long illness on April 5th 1910.
  10. F. Frankel Bottle

    F. Frankel Bottle

    This bottle was made by the Boley Manufacturing Co. some time between 1898 and 1911 for use by the North Beach Height F Frankel Bottling Co.
  11. UnderMiner

    Blob Top C. V. Garrison Repair

    I found this cracked C. V. Garrison beer bottle a few days ago. I dug it out from under about 6 inches of thick mud. It didn't have its top so I kept digging in the general area until I eventually found it. The top had been separated from the neck for so long that patina/pest had formed on the...
  12. UnderMiner

    Mini Blob: Broe & Gorman, Cannington Shaw & Co. Jar, and Hallock's Fruit Extract

    Found these bottles over the last 48 hours. Today's find was a cute mini blob-top bottle for Broe & Gorman. In situ: After a quick rinse in the water: Now it's on display on the second level shelf: If anyone has any information about this company please feel free to share, thanks :D...
  13. S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co.

    S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co.

    This company was founded by Samuel Liebmann and produced, among other things, Rheingold Extra Dry. Samuel's son Joseph and son-in-law David Obermeyer would found their own company, Obermeyer & Liebmann's for 30 years before merging back with S.L.S.B Co. in 1924.
  14. Obermeyer & Liebmann's

    Obermeyer & Liebmann's

    This is an early 1890's O&L bottle featuring their trademark sun logo. The brewery lasted until 1924 when it went bankrupt and was bought out by Samuel Liebmann & Sons, who was the older company father of Joseph Liebmann, father-in-law of David Obermeyer, and investor of Rheingold.
  15. James Everard's Breweries

    James Everard's Breweries

    This is a James Everard's Breweries beer bottle. The buisness operated from 1885-1926. James Everard was one of the few brewers of Irish ancestry operating in the predominantly German NYC brewing industry of the time.
  16. UnderMiner

    Blob Top Schlitz, La Goutte-A-Goutte, & Fresnel Lens

    Did some mudding today. This blob top bottle says "Trade Mark Schlitz Registered P. M. Ohmeis & Co. Sole Agents New York". In situ: "L. Pierre Valligny La Goutte-A-Goutte New York" It has a screw top with a grounded lip. Fresnel lens in situ I removed the lens from the ground and it...
  17. UnderMiner

    Digging a John Eichler Blob-Top Beer (Feb. 20th 2023)

    Got out late today, around 4:30pm. The air was warm as the sun hung low and dusk descended across the bay. One would almost forget they were in the heart of a major metropolis as the silence was so profound. There was neither the sound of cars nor the chattering of crowds, all was peaceful and...
  18. UnderMiner

    Four Pictorial Tooled Crowns, Black Glass, & Old Canada Dry

    Took advantage of the balmy 65°F winter day today and scored some major finds! Found four tooled-crowns, all pictorial and in great condition. Also found a dark-green bottle and an old clear Canada Dry (I've never seen a Canada Dry like this before, may be a rare one.) Today's finds: 1...
  19. UnderMiner

    Star Embossed Blob - James Everard's Breweries

    Best and last find of January 2023! Behold a rare star-embosed beer bottle from James Everard's Breweries! One of the few Irish brewers in the predominantly German NYC beer brewing industry, James Everard's buisness lasted from 1885 to 1926. In situ: The brewery operated at 3 East 134th...
  20. UnderMiner

    Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    The best of today's finds: Finds include: 1. Parker's Hair Balsam 2. Peer-Amid Re Umberto 3. Fred Schierenbeck Bottling Co. 403-405 East 101 Street. 4. One Gallon Stoneware Jug 5. A little whiskey sampler 6. Brass key Don't get too jealous just yet, the jug is not complete. It was the last...

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