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  1. embe

    Is this Bott's beer bottle really from 1893 (Chicago Worlds Fair on label)?

    Not sure if this is the correct area, but looking for some assistance with this old bottle. Bott's Pure Malt Stout, Port Hope Canada. Was only able to find one other picture through Google but didn't have the 1893 label on there. I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole researching 1893 Worlds...
  2. M

    Baby & Hanrahan Windsor Ontario Bottle

    I dug this with a friend a few months ago. I believe this may be an uncommon bottle. Does anybody know how rare or valuable it is? I wouldn't sell it, I just want to know more. A good person found this link for me on Treasurenet...
  3. L

    Canada Dated Coca-Cola

    New to this forum. Looking for dated Coca-Cola bottles from Canada prior to 1934. Will purchase or trade for similar from other years, or straight side. Thanks!

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