1. K

    Early Coca Cola bottle with interesting marking

    Good afternoon all-- New member here, thanks for having me. I recently bought a vintage Coca Cola bottle with a Lexington, KY stamp (and a smaller, faint 530LS marking underneath). But the most interesting marking is on the bottom of the bottle. In addition to the usual "Coca-Cola"...
  2. PterodactOwl

    Found Five 1980s Soda Bottles (Like Perfect Condition)

    So, I work in an old building at my university, and I have this odd key that opens up two separate rooms; one room I use often (which is why I was given the key), the other room I had never seen open before. I got bored last night at work, so I decided to unlock the door and go inside. I swear...
  3. M

    Coke bottles

    Hey yall, I found this 6 pack at an estate sale and been trying to figure out a date and whether they are worth anything. All of the bottles have different cities on them and I can’t find any dates anywhere. Just the patent date on the bottle. Any help is appreciate, thanks!
  4. Ivantessmer

    Help identify Glass Coke Bottle

    I found a glass Coke Cola Bottle that is sealed with no soda pop inside. The cap is white and has a Football on it. I'm guessing this is a special addition and may be rare? The imprints on the bottom of the bottle are, (B) 8 91 10. I would like to know any information you have about this bottle...
  5. T

    Glass coca cola bottle date

    Hello all, so I have a question about an old coca cola bottle I recently found, and I am running into a condurum, The bottle says PAT D-105529 And the date code says 15 L 48 Now according to what I know about date codes this should be a bottle made in 1915, but my research shows that Pat d...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    I just got this today at a great price. It was made by Anchor Hocking in South Connellsville, PA for only a short amount of time because of high cost of production and the weight of the bottle. It is almost three pounds and is 13 inches tall. I wish I could find the cap that goes with it.
  7. WesternPA-collector

    The history of soda pop

    I happened to see this article on Collectors Weekly and found it very interesting. I am a member there and hope it's okay to share it here. Should be very helpful to those who are into old soda bottles.
  8. C

    Coca-Cola Coke Colonial Pale Dry Pat'd 1923 - Need Information

    Does anyone know the history, age, value of these bottles? I picked up some recently but can't find much about them. My best guess is Coca-Cola soda water but I'd love to know more about these. It has the patent date of Nov. 6, 1923 embossed below the word Colonial on the shoulder. Near the...
  9. WesternPA-collector

    Amber Coke in 1950's?

    I was wondering whether amber Coke bottles were actually produced in the 1950's. There's a person on Ebay selling some from various years and they have not disclosed whether it's an irradiated bottle or not. Seems a little fishy to me.
  10. B

    Soda Water bottle Patned nov 20th 1923 owned by coke made in delaware

    Just found this bottle today and im wondering how rare it is. Its from delaware and says its owned by coke. Never seen this before.
  11. L

    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    I was cleaning my 1915 Patent Coca Cola bottles when I found one with a mold error. The "9" in the 1915 date more closely resembles a "7" than a "9". There is no loop in the 9 , just a straight line across the top. I can't figure out how to load a photo on this new computer. Just wondering if...
  12. A

    Coca-Cola Japan 25th Anniversary Coke Bottle w/ Wooden Display Case

    I found this bottle and wooden display case at an estate sale and don't know the history of it. It appears to be a bottle/case celebrating the 25th year of Coca-Cola Japan in 1982. Anyone know the history of this item and who it was given to? I found a similar bottle with a wooden stand with the...
  13. Wendeee

    New and looking for answers

    I found a green glass coke bottle from Greenville, SC. There is no date but marked 71L51 on the skirt. The logo is embossed: one side has "Trademark Registered Bottle Pat. D-105529" under the coke logo. The other side has "Trademark Registered Min. Contents 6 Fl. Oz." under the code logo...
  14. WesternPA-collector

    Oakland Maryland Coke Bottle

    Today the weather was unseasonably warm for December in Pennsylvania so I went out on a bottle excursion. Lots of broken Cokes were seen but then towards the end of the day I did find this hobble-skirt Coke bottle from Oakland, Maryland which is a first for me. Would it have a higher value due...
  15. C

    KPP in oval Coke bottle

    Hi, new to this, so just trying to find good resources for info. My wife is a coke collector, and I found some bottles that I want to make a display for. While researching I found one I couldn’t find a lot of info on. It is marked XXX3 (KPP)2 71XXX Could anyone tell me about this?
  16. WesternPA-collector

    1943 Charleroi, PA Coke Bottle Owens-Illinois

    A few days ago I found this 1943 Coca-Cola bottle at an unexplored bottle dump. It is the hobble-skirt design with PAT D-105529. One the side underneath the patent it has "43.<O>48". According to this PDF file: , from 1930 to 1951 Coca Cola...
  17. WesternPA-collector

    Coke in a creek

    On Friday I went to check out a local spot that was a bottle dump many years ago, and is known for mostly only producing shard fragments of bottles when I look there. I hoped that recent high waters from two tropical storm remnants might wash out a few intact bottles but wasn't expecting much...
  18. M

    Mac's Green Soda Bottle

    Any information on this green Mac's bottle would be appreciated. Rarity? Value?
  19. L

    Canada Dated Coca-Cola

    New to this forum. Looking for dated Coca-Cola bottles from Canada prior to 1934. Will purchase or trade for similar from other years, or straight side. Thanks!
  20. T

    old coke

    Could this be a product made by coke or a real coke?

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