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  1. dh1786

    Not For Joe (woman on bike)Flask

    I would like to sell this but willing to trade for fruit jars/canning jars. looking for the following jars with original bands and inserts: amber atlas ez-seal tin lid for ball patn appld early 1900 ball olives or citron, amber beavers diamond glass half pint tudor rose midget amber...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    1970 Overmyer Mould Company Flask

    Recently I bought this very unique and rare 1970 50th Anniversary Overmyer Mould Company bottle. It was made for them by the Hillsboro Glass Company in Illinois. The factory existed from 1961-1997. They were actually a subsidiary of Hiram Walker & Sons Distilleries and for this reason, most...
  3. WesternPA-collector

    1971 Anchor Hocking Season's Greetings Bottle

    Another recent flask I've bought. Just in time for Christmas. This was made at the Anchor Hocking plant in Salem New Jersey. A promotional item for First National Bank. It still even has the original cork. Most of the time those get lost.
  4. WesternPA-collector

    1974 Anchor Hocking Retirement Bottle (43 Years)

    I recently acquired this bottle that was made in 1974 at the Anchor Hocking Lancaster, Ohio plant, given to the late Ralph Newkirk for 43 years of service. It is extremely rare and I cannot find another example of it. Note the 3D look of the bottle and the interesting scene with a man working...
  5. WesternPA-collector

    Looking for info on this bottle

    I'm hoping to find out more about this bottle which I believe to be from the 1910-1920 decade because of the shape and it is a cork top with some amethyst tinting. Also the texture on it is something I don't see often. Could it have been a medicine or something else?
  6. C

    Please help me identify this flask.

    Sorry guys this is my first time posting I’m super new and don’t even know if I came to the right spot. Now I know this is a flask not a bottle but it was my great grandpas who died when my grandpa was 10 and he just got this flask yesterday from his brother. I’m trying to help my grandpa...
  7. B

    Canadian Whiskey from Perth Ontario

    Same trip as the Montgomery Alabama jug, but this one was found in a Perth Ontario shop, I asked her about bottles and she reached into a cardboard box and pulled out some newspaper with this gem wrapped in it. There are not very many embossed Canadian whiskey flasks so was quite pleased to...
  8. nranderson

    Help Finding Information

    I dug this bottle years ago (about 1969) in San Jose, Ca and have never found any information as to the city it came from or D.J. Tobin? It is pre Owens and the top is not ground but smooth. I'd put it right around 1900? I know someone in here will have an answer! Thanks
  9. M

    Can anyone tell me anything about these flask bases? FULL PINT and ONE PINT

    Hello, I have found a lot of these flask bases that have FULL PINT and ONE PINT on the bases. Does anyone know if there is a specific company that produced these?
  10. WesternPA-collector

    The Most Interesting Bottle I've Found In The Wild

    Yesterday I saw this Anchor Hocking "Congratulations High School Graduates Class of 1968" flask laying in a swampy area next to a murky pond in South Connellsville, only about a mile from the factory (plant 5) where it would have been made years ago. From a distance I could tell it was a flask...
  11. H

    antique green round Flask bottle identification help please.

    Hello, I bought this small 5 " and 4" round green bottle, I was wondering if this is a original American flask bottle . Thanks
  12. M

    Search "Figured Flask" at The Metropolitan Museum website

    Search "Figured Flask" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art website (www.metmuseum.org) and you get 17 sweet historical flasks. Does anyone have a picture of the actual Met Fifth Avenue Gallery 706 display that shows these flasks?
  13. A

    Arsenal Glass Works?

    HI, My mom found a bottle that was in my dad's eclectic collection of antiques. The note on the bottle said "nice, have appraised". I looked it up and it seems like they go for some good $. This one has a chip and hairline crack in the top. I'll include photos of it. Any other info is always...
  14. M

    Chestnut Flask ?

    Mottled green color, it has a cork (?) intact in lip, dregs inside bottom, painting on outside of one side, neck of bottle is crooked not straight, neck glass shows imperfections, 13" tall. SHA Archaeologist said it might be a chestnut flask, but shape is unusual enough so he wasn't 100% sure...

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