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mountain dew bottle

  1. PterodactOwl

    Found Five 1980s Soda Bottles (Like Perfect Condition)

    So, I work in an old building at my university, and I have this odd key that opens up two separate rooms; one room I use often (which is why I was given the key), the other room I had never seen open before. I got bored last night at work, so I decided to unlock the door and go inside. I swear...
  2. 20201229_121309.jpg


    The ACL shelf
  3. Zack Hartsog

    I inherited a horde, now what?

    My grand parents both recently past and I moved into their home. Bless them both but they kept everything. Including anything glass. I now have hundreds of mostly unidentified bottles. Everything from odd medicines and soda to a "poison bottle". Forgive me and my ignorance while i post these...
  4. M

    70’s/80’s Embossed Mountain Dew Bottle

    Interested about this 1970’s/1980’s embossed Mountain Dew bottle’s rarity & value. I found it along a creek in Pennsylvania US & was just wondering about it since I never saw one before & can’t find anything about it online.

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