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  1. M

    Chero-Cola Amber Block Letter - (6.5 Fl Oz) - Perry, FLA.

    Excited to learn as much as possible about this bottle and get it listed in the near future, as well (probably eBay). This Amber Perry, FL Chero-Cola (6.5 Fl Oz) bottle was dug out of a privy in St. Joseph, MO by my dad and the late Antique Bottle connoisseur, Johnnie Fletcher, in May of 2000...
  2. Lbrewer42

    So where do I find a guide for Art Deco Soda bottles?

    I am interested in picking up a few of the fancier decorative art deco soda bottles, but cannot find a list of examples/names/etc. I see pictures online of collections, but many too small to see a name. I assume there are a lot more than what show up on ebay, but have no source for them. Do...
  3. Zack Hartsog

    I inherited a horde, now what?

    My grand parents both recently past and I moved into their home. Bless them both but they kept everything. Including anything glass. I now have hundreds of mostly unidentified bottles. Everything from odd medicines and soda to a "poison bottle". Forgive me and my ignorance while i post these...

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