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  1. WesternPA-collector

    Bobs Premium Quality King Sized Beverages Bottle

    Yesterday while searching along a steep embankment between a road and a creek I came upon this beauty from 1957. It was laying right on top of some rocks in a dry stream bed that fills up with water when it storms. Almost as if someone laid it there recently. There was no debris covering it at...
  2. M

    Keen Drinks Satisfy. Need help IDing and Aging

    I purchased 2 Keen bottles from a local antique shop in Bryan, Texas. The bottles have no markings on them except for embossed “Keen” on the sides and “Keen” on the bottom. The best information I have discovered so far is that the Washington County Bottling Corporation...
  3. F

    Help Identifying Art-deco Style Bottle

    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum although your posts have helped me identify many of my bottles. I found this nice bottle in a site around Columbia, SC with other 1920's to 1940's bottles. It's quite heavy for it's size and says "4 LGW2" on the heel. No discernible mark on the base. Thank you!
  4. RelicRaker

    Gruber Beverages

    Found this at an excavation site. It's in bad shape, but what paint remains legible says Gruber Beverages. Refreshing. One Pint. Philadelphia, PA. I don't remember Gruber from my childhood so am guessing 40s or 50s. Any info welcome.
  5. B

    "Independent" Beer or Soda - Flint, Michigan

    Wondering about this bottle... It's machine made, I suppose from the 1920s or so based on association with other bottles. I have two, one is clear, the other lightly aqua. It's embossed on two sides with "Independent" "7 ozs." On the bottom on one side it's got the "This Bottle is Never...
  6. B

    Rescued a couple bottles from the large Track Hoes at a construction site.

    :p Went to lunch and stopped by to check the construction site next to the courthouse in Pass Christian MS. The site was the old Miramar Hotel. The track hoes hit a trash pit and stopped long enough for me to save these few bottles. Check out the whittled colored soda. WOW.... Stopping by...
  7. D

    BANG! Soda Bottle Mystery... anyone have any ideas please?

    BANG! Soda Bottle? Ever hear of it??????? :boom: This is a mystery to us... will very much appreciate any comments. I've scoured the internet for pictures, information about this vintage bottle with no luck at all. No images, no Bang! soda, no nothing. The bottom says "Duraglas" and I...

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