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  1. Cobalt Poison Bottle

    Cobalt Poison Bottle

    This is a tooled-lip lattice and diamond embossed cobalt poison bottle. It likely dates to the 1890's-1910's. It is 4 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide.
  2. UnderMiner

    Strap-Sided Whisky Flask with a Fully Embossed Circle Slug!

    Discovered an amazing new place! Began probing around in the clay and I hear *tink!* dig around and low and behold - a circle slug plate embossed whiskey flask! The flask reads: "Honest Measure Simon Strauss Inc 221-223 W 116th ST 467 Columbus Ave N.Y. One Half Pint" Also found a...
  3. UnderMiner

    Four Pictorial Tooled Crowns, Black Glass, & Old Canada Dry

    Took advantage of the balmy 65°F winter day today and scored some major finds! Found four tooled-crowns, all pictorial and in great condition. Also found a dark-green bottle and an old clear Canada Dry (I've never seen a Canada Dry like this before, may be a rare one.) Today's finds: 1...
  4. UnderMiner

    Florida Water and Cerevisine (Tooled Bottles)

    Today's finds: Florida Water in situ: Cerevisine in situ:
  5. Tooled Amber Ink

    Tooled Amber Ink

    A cylindrical amber inkwell. Tooled lip. Likely late 19th c.
  6. UnderMiner

    Pumpkin Seed Flask

    Went on another adventure today. First went snorkeling off an old pier, nothing to be found there but big sea snails unfortunately. Had more luck at another location where the recent rain storms had washed away some of the surface. Found a nice tooled pumpkin seed flask and a old perfume...
  7. Rex Tomato Ketchup

    Rex Tomato Ketchup

    This is a tooled-lip ketchup bottle dating from approximately 1890-1920. If anyone has any information about this bottle please share. Excavated in the state of New York.
  8. Jacob Rupert - Tooled Crown Amber Beer

    Jacob Rupert - Tooled Crown Amber Beer

    Interesting piece of US history. Rupert opened the brewery in 1913 in Manhattan. He later bought the Yankees in 1915 and opened Yankee Stadium in 1923. He employed some of the biggest legends of baseball including Babe Ruth. Hall of fame induction in 2013. And it all started with this beer.
  9. David Mayer Beer - Tooled Blob Top

    David Mayer Beer - Tooled Blob Top

    David Mayer was an ex-Confederate soldier who moved to the Bronx, New York after the Civil War and started a brewery. The brewery was very successful but was closed by federal agents when Prohibition went into effect. This is one of the original bottles found close to where the brewery once stood.
  10. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root Kidney Cure

    Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root Kidney Cure

    Patent Medicine bottle. Tooled lip. Pre-FDA. Pre-1906.
  11. DavidW

    Differences between "APPLIED LIP" and "TOOLED LIP" on antique handmade glass bottles

    Hello group, I wanted to post this as it's own thread, as I posted this comment earlier on another thread, and realized it will get buried in the middle of gobs of other comments, and not be so easy to find. I really hope this will help and not hurt! If nothing else, check out the webpage...
  12. T

    Weird SHARP & DOHME BALTIMORE MD. base-embossed

    I was wondering if this was a common example of a SHARP & DOHME BALTIMORE MD. medicine? It looks like an early threaded, tooled top, possibly the lip is ground? Base-embossed. Just dug it last weekend. Comments appreciated.

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