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  1. WesternPA-collector

    1970 Overmyer Mould Company Flask

    Recently I bought this very unique and rare 1970 50th Anniversary Overmyer Mould Company bottle. It was made for them by the Hillsboro Glass Company in Illinois. The factory existed from 1961-1997. They were actually a subsidiary of Hiram Walker & Sons Distilleries and for this reason, most...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    I just got this today at a great price. It was made by Anchor Hocking in South Connellsville, PA for only a short amount of time because of high cost of production and the weight of the bottle. It is almost three pounds and is 13 inches tall. I wish I could find the cap that goes with it.
  3. WesternPA-collector

    What is this beautiful glass piece?

    Today while out on a bottle adventure I found something unexpected. Whatever it is I know it has to be good. It was in an area with bottles in the 1900-1950 range, if that helps. Diameter is 2 3/4" at the widest point. To me it looks like a light lens for a vintage car but I could be wrong. What...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    Cobalt Blue Unknown Bottle

    I was wondering what type of contents this bottle would have in it. Or what glass maker it is. I've only ever found one of them. All it has on the bottom is a number 6, which could literally mean anything.
  5. J

    Help! info? value? on edinburgh scotland bottle!

    hello all, i stumbled upon this website in search of more information on this bottle i found at a yardsale. it says the distillers agency united Edinburgh scotland on the bottom and looks vintage or antique i can't really tell. it is very nice but i was wondering if i could get anymore info on...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    Two broken pontils- How old are they?

    Today I came across two pre-1900's bottles that were sadly broken. I'm just trying to find out how old they are, to determine if it's worth going back again and trying to find some intact ones. I don't generally know a lot about bottles from this era.
  7. T

    My Vintage Sealed Coca Cola Thrift Shop Finds!

    Hello, im new to the group and wanted to share my picks from yesterdays collection haul. I have zero knowledge in coca cola collectibles but I have sold a few over the years. Here is a photo of my sealed items I picked up yesterday. here is the video link: https://youtu.be/XEJiAgurA0k Any...
  8. L

    New to this Forum and need help

    Good afternoon. I just purchased a tote full of antique and vintage glass bottles at a garage sale. There must be about 100 or more bottles. I really know nothing about these bottles and just beginning to do some research. My first question is, I am not sure if I should wash them in soapy...
  9. C

    Garrett's Wine Bottle, 1 Gallon

    Selling this 1 Gallon Garret's Wine Bottle on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/172783137315?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Purchase, make an offer or general feedback is welcome.
  10. A

    Seeking: Shopping for old bottles in Rome and Florence

    Hi all! I'm traveling to Rome and Florence for a few days in a few weeks and thinking it would be great to check a few antique/vintage stores to dig bottles. I'm thinking there might be some pretty cool finds! Has anyone ever shopped for bottles in Rome and/or Florence? Any shops/neighborhoods...
  11. O

    Canadian Whiskey Bottles??

    Hello, I'm new to the site. I recently acquired about 50 bottles from the 1926-1933 era, as evidenced by the Liquor Commission Board of Ontario sealing stickers on many bottles. Most are whiskey bottles (most are embossed), some gin, some wine, and 1 old Hamilton Brewing association Regal beer...
  12. K

    200+ Bottles From Clean Out

    We purchased over 200 bottles from a clean out. We are able to identify many of them but we are stumped by a few. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. We are looking to sell most of them once identified. We have Carter ink wells, Campbell bottles and more. Since it is difficult to see...
  13. D

    BANG! Soda Bottle Mystery... anyone have any ideas please?

    BANG! Soda Bottle? Ever hear of it??????? :boom: This is a mystery to us... will very much appreciate any comments. I've scoured the internet for pictures, information about this vintage bottle with no luck at all. No images, no Bang! soda, no nothing. The bottom says "Duraglas" and I...
  14. J

    IV (intra venous) Pharma Bottles

    Any other bottle enthusiasts out there collecting IV (intravenous) medical bottles? I'm a retired pharmaceutical company employee & have about 25 or 30 IV bottles & a few other items from various companies. These were made between 1936 & the 1970's. I'm downsizing - my little grandkids are 2500...

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