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Bottling on Barry Street / St. Louis, Missouri


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Jan 21, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri
Bottling on Barry Street, St. Louis, Missouri

Although Barry Street does not exist today, for 64 years there were at least six different soda bottlers that called Barry Street home. This pictorial map from 1876 shows Barry Street intersecting with Carondelet and Jackson. Carondelet changes names to 3rd Street further south on his map.

1876 pictoral map.PNG

The first directory listing I find is for Beck & Zeisler, from 1859.

Beck & Zeisler (1859-1864)
SS. Barry between Jackson and Carondelet


The 1860 Census tells me Christian Beck and Stephen Zeisler are partners in Soda Water Fabrication, and both are living at the same residence with their families. Beck is 36 years of age and Zeisler is 29. Here is a Beck & Zeisler bottle from my collection.


Christian Beck (1865-1877)
Fredericka Beck (1878)

508-512 Barry

Christian and Stephen go their separate ways in 1865 and Beck is listed as the sole owner. Christian dies in 1877 and the business is put up for sale. Frederika is listed as proprietor in 1878 only. I have only one CHR. Beck bottle in my collection. This bottle has the A. & D. H. C. glass makers mark on the back, which represents Alexander & David H. Chambers, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

BTW Stephen Zeisler is listed a working at Cairn’s Soda Water Factory in 1865.


Henry Rooke (1879-1886)

508-512 Barry (1879-1883)
306-310 Barry (1884-1885)

Henry Rooke may have had some relation to the Beck’s and Zeisler’s or perhaps just a good friend. City directories tell me that in 1879 Stephen Zeisler’s son Frank is a laborer for Rooke. Stephen Zeisler is also listed as soda that year but not sure where. Christian Beck’s sons Jacob and Theodore are also listed working for Rooke in the latter years. One other name pops up in these directories, that a Charles Vogel is listed as bookkeeper in 1886. Charles will stay on with the next owner and in 1902 goes on to form his own soda operation at first with Paul Buol and James Bray, then solo in 1909, then back as a manager on Barry for Enno Sander Mineral Water Co in 1913.

The address for Henry Rooke changes from the 500 block to the 300 block in 1884. But I am guessing he relocated just across the street. An ad listing the building for sale in 1919 say it is located at the NW corner of 3rd and Barry, by then Carondelet is now 3rd Street and Jackson is now 2nd Street. The 1859 ad places the building on the SS of Barry in between Jackson & Carondelet.

I do have a Rooke bottle in my collection, it has the L.G. Co glassmakers mark that represents the Lindell Glass Company of St. Louis, Missouri

P1030812.JPG P1030814.JPG

Henry Ackerman
Ackerman Soda Water Company (1887-1908)

304-310 Barry

Henry Ackerman operates a soda water factory on Barry from 1887 until his death in September of 1901. Leonard Yehlen is president in 1902. Henry’s wife Bertha remarries and in 1903 her husband Joseph Schoettler in now president, at least for a while. 1906 and Bertha separates from Joseph and runs the company until 1908.

I have three Ackerman bottles in my collection. An early blob, with no glass makers mark and two bimal bottles one has a maker’s mark of the letters AB connected and the other A.B.G.M. Co. Both marks are for the Adolphus Bush Glass Manufacturing Co. of St. Louis, Missouri.

P1030018.JPG P1020664.JPG P1020663.JPG

No listings (1909-1910)

I could find no listing for any soda water businesses on Barry Street in this timeframe.

Buff & Rau (1911-1912)
301 Barry

Jacob Buff has been in the mineral water business since 1865 with different partners. Buff & Max Kuhl (1865-1882), Buff & John Presig (1883) and finally Buff & Ferdinand Rau (1884-1913).

This one is a bit confusing because Jacob Buff dies in October of 1911 at the age of 83. Ferdinand Rau was hard for me to track down. So, I can only guess that whoever was running the operation relocated one last time and the company just faded away.

Still looking for a Buff & Rau bottle.


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Jan 21, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri
Enno Sander Mineral Water Company (1913)
Enno Sander Seltzer & Soda Company (1914-1922)

301 Barry

The Meyer-Meinhardt Soda Water Co. (1890-1911), another popular soda company in St. Louis purchases the Enno Sander Mineral Water Company in 1912 and moves from 211 & 213 St. George Street to Barry Street. Enno Sander relocates from 2801 Lawton avenue to Barry Street. The operation will still be known as Enno Sander Mineral Water Company but a year later the name changes to Enno Sander Seltzer & Soda Company. In 1922 Enno Sander will move to 2711 Lafayette.

The Meyer-Meinhardt bottle dates to the early 1900’s, and the three Sander bottles all dated to the 1914-1922 timeframe.

P1030281.JPG P1020927.JPG P1020931.JPG

In my opinion Enno Sander Seltzer & Soda Company either anticipated a move or was having a new building erected on Lafayette and put the building up for sale in 1919.


I am not sure what business was using this building after 1922 or if it was vacant.
In 1986 redevelopment occurred and many large commercial buildings overtook Barry Street as well as many other streets in the area.

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