Ceramic Umbrella Stands

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Apr 22, 2022
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Another super-condensed informal history bit:

Although various home made forms of Umbrella holders have existed since (obviously) the invention of the Umbrella, the earliest forms of what could today be called Umbrella stands existed as mere components of large wooden Victorian Hall Stands in the 19th century. These big stands would have a coat rack, an umbrella stand, and a place to store hats, etc all combined into one unit.
Then in 1885 a gentleman from Cincinnati named William C. Carter filed the first ever claim for a patent on a free-standing umbrella stand. It was very different from the ceramic ones I'm going to be diving into (it was made of metal and was more practical than ornamental) but it was a game-changer. After this people began to think of the Umbrella stand as a self-contained piece of furniture and other designs made from different materials followed suit.

I admit I had a little trouble researching when exactly ornamental western ceramic based Umbrella stands came into existence. I would say sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century given the production techniques used to make most of them and the art style they were made in. Many were made in an ornamental Art Nouveau sort of way that was popular in the very late 19th/early 20th century and other ones made more towards the middle of the 20th century were made in Art Deco styles. They're still made today, but the style is.....different.

I have acquired two recently.

20230803_160238 (1).jpg

This Umbrella stand was made by Roseville Pottery circa 1901. At least the design is from 1901, I couldn't find a ton of info on how long it was produced. This stand was produced in some quantities since it's not hard to find other examples of it for sale. This particular example has some chips but is it good shape overall. Definitely has some wear and tear/patina that doesn't show in photos too well.

20230803_171618 (1).jpg

admittedly not the most masculine design, but I don't care I love it.
Which brings me onto Stand #2.


This one was made with Sewer Tile in 1895. Aw yeah, now I get to talk about sewer tile pottery! Here's the ultra condensed version since this is already long. Some time in the mid 19th century sewer components made of cast iron or even wood were slowly replaced by pipes/tiles made of ceramic. By the late 19th century ceramic was considered the best material for them and became the standard. There were many factories making them (especially in Ohio) and sometimes the workers would make unique items with the clay used to make sewer tiles/pipes. Random items such as little figures of people, birdhouses, spittoons, farm animal waterers, humidors, etc and yes, even umbrella stands. Items made pretty much for fun and presented as gifts for workers families or others. This is one such item.




Yes it has some chips on the bottom. I don't care :p It also weighs about 7,620 lbs.
They're both about 20 inches tall.
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