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Nov 3, 2021
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Hello all! I know it's late but I have worked 3rd shift for a long time. So I'm a night owl. A little bit about myself. Most of the the things I post or you guys see will be my boyfriend's. I'm 36 he is 49. I've known him though 20 years. He has been collecting coins, bills, bottles, jars, etc. Basically old stuff. He probably has a little of everything. I'm super jealous. As far as my collections some odd and end things. My most prized possession is over 200 baseball football basketball cars going as far back as the 60's or 70's. (Don't quite remember) I have one jug. I don't know if it's old or newer but just looks old. I can't find any markings whatsoever. (I'm very curious and the jug be in the pictures) I'm kinda just getting started.

I have always had a love for anything old. Not just antiques but if I have never seen it in my lifetime and it catches my eye, I'm just drawn to it. How it works, its history, gives me goosebumps. Before I get all in to details and jar talk, I did order The Red Book.. Super excited.

Anyways I searched the threads for 3 hours about this Mason jar he had just added to the stack. I saw similar jars but they were bigger. I also searched the web for 2 hours yesterday with no luck. So I was eagerly awaiting my acceptance into the group. I know it's not a great find and that's based off the larger jars that were similar. My Parker (bf) is specific. I read the information on the larger jars and even in the comments i think a few said pints and quarts are worth this and that. I kinda got the gish. He on the other hand wanted a post with an identical one and the information.

He found some group on Facebook and one comment said $4-6, then this guy got Parker's interest because he said maybe 1870's and worth $100. (Which price absolutely doesn't matter). Knowledgeable information helps but it is about the collecting. So I'm hoping someone can tell me what they think. I really wanted you guys to be the first to let me know but patience got the best of him. It would not let me post my pictures for some reason so I had to save them thru my Snapchat and then post them. So that's why you see the word Snapchat on all my pictures.

**I'll add collection on another post. I just found out about the limit on uploads.
Thanks for having me guys! Sorry for this post being so long.


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