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Dead eye


Well-Known Member
Jun 11, 2020
Take it home and enjoy it. 90% of the stuff donated to museums is relegated to storage, never to be seen by visitors, IF they even accept the donation. In fact, many of the items in storage are kept in unfavorable conditions that actually contribute to the deterioration of the artifacts. I've seen many superb collections turned down by museums because they either don't have the room or because the items were not found in a controlled environment by a registered archeaologist. No one will care more for an artifact than the collector who truly loves the stuff.

Pork, I have to ask, do you actually collect, or are you just here to stir the pot? If you collect, exactly what do you find that passes your standard of acceptability?
Amen brother


Well-Known Member
Feb 24, 2020
Hi that's ok I've heard both sides several times over the years and you're right about museums I've donated things to a local Museum as had several of the divers my generation the museum in question is a local Museum commemoration the wreck of the steamship SS Atlantic which wrecked near Terence Bay Nova Scotia on April 1st 1873. She was built in the same yard as the Titanic, she was also the second ship of that design constructed both were lost generally off of our Coast, both ships we're wrecked in April, the captain wasn't on duty either time 1500 we lost the Titanic and over 500 Lost on the SS Atlantic. I had found 2 brass candlestick holders and the bent dessert spoon I kept them for about 30 years and a good friend of mine who was working at securing artifacts for the museum when I got ahold of him and donated them to the museum where they have been displayed .

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