God sent another reminder as to who is in control

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Jan 23, 2010
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Wow what a day ,I had just finished installing a router at a slaughter house for the FDA when I was informed the laptop on the KILLING floor had stopped working.For those not familiar with slaughter houses the KILLING floor is where you umm.......... kill, and I had to walk into this carnage to check out an FDA inspectors laptop which quit working because is IP address had changed from a Sprint based number to the New AT&T circuit number.Lets just say I am a vegitarian again for at least a week.This is my second visit to this place in two weeks and this has set me back again.[&:]From there we went to a bank in Woodstown NJ to install a phone in the vault as the bank failed a safety inspection by not having a phone in the vault.I used and about ruined every masonary bit in my aresenal drilling through the concreted,rebar reinforced lead incased vault wall.Finally got that one done and drove to my next job at the Cumberland County Mental Health Center to finish installing cameras we had cabled last week but were attacked by the following members of the bee family,wasps,ooh they hurt,hornets just as bad and very aggresive yellow jackets which all three had stung us last week we were informed that an exterminator had been to the site over the weekend and there were quote NO MORE BEES.WRONGGGGG... RAH RAHRONG WRONG I was up on a ladder near the highest eve on this roof line installing two cameras side by side when the attacking commenced I had been stung at least 15 times in areas I couldnt show the nurse to.She gave me a shot that would be given to a person that was allergic to bees would receive.I will say this I felt quite sick to my stomach a half hour later but it has passed since I have been home.After being treated by the nurse I rested 1:15 to 1:45 it was about 1:49 and I was plugging in cables into a DVR when my helper Pete said stop pushing the chair into him!! I said IAM NOT PUSHING THE CHAIR A S S __LE.It was at that point we finally relized something bigger was happening as most of you know your cell phones were rendered useless by the flood of calls.AN earthquake had just hit WOW the entire building I was in quit working and was running outside.SO yesterday when I said God is about to send us a reminder as to who is in charge little did I know he meant today also!! Wow,my bottles are OK nothing has tipped over,waiting for the aftershocks.

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