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Keeley Brewing Co Bottle


New Member
Jan 5, 2020
Hello all,
I was doing some research for a bottle I bought in a auction lot and I came across this forum while trying to find info on it using Google.
I have spent a few hours looking through Ebay, Google etc trying to find more info on this exact bottle with no luck. I have never seen one with the raised embossed circle . It's a Keeley Brewing Company and was bottled by Edward H. Everett Company ( EHE CO).
Might be hard to see in the pictures but above the embossed circle it says "Property of" and inside the circle it says "Keeley BRG CO - Chicago Ills".
It has this light angular swirl in the glass, hard to see in the pics
If my research is correct Keeley had this name style from 1878-1920. And Edward H. Everett Company used EHE CO from 1885-1904.
So if correct that would lock it down to being somewhere between 1885-1904. The only other marks on the bottle is a double stamped "531" on the bottom.
I am just curious if anybody could give me any more info on it. Like what it contained, value etc. Or if any of my research info is incorrect.
Thanks in advance for any help.


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