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Looking for any info on this 12oz green Dominion Glass made bottle. Thanks!


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Aug 10, 2016

When I went through the catalog of Dominion mold numbers, I primarily focused on those that included 12 Oz bottles. Of those listed numerically, I am especially curious about numbers ...

(But it will be necessary to look at various Dominion plants to find them)

303 - 384 - 549 - 558 - 785 - 885 - ???


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Apr 18, 2010
The 1928 date is the year in which Dominion Glass registered its D in a diamond trademark, not the year it began using the trademark. The Criminal Code of Canada specifically protected trademarks on glass bottles. Thus there was effectively no need to register a trademark in Canada. Indeed, it was easier and cheaper to go after a trademark offender in minor criminal courts than it was civilly at the time. Of course, for a trademark to be protected under the Criminal Code of Canada, a producer/user had to actively use it and be able to prove in court, if needed, that its use of the trademark was exclusive. Pretty easy to do with embossed names and known branding designs. Dominion was regularly using the D in the diamond trademark by the late 1910s on most of its mass-produced wares, whether BIM or ABM. The source of the dating misconception seems to bubble up in the hobby literature in the 1960s, with the misconception slowly being hardened into absolute fact that Dominion first used the trademark in 1928.


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Aug 10, 2016
Because I have pretty much hit a dead end, I guess its time to move on and see what other mystery bottle inquiries I can look into and possibly solve. During this one I have looked at so many different types of bottles trying to find a match that I have become blurry eyed. If we knew more about it, such as whether the dots are actually embossed on the base or just an optical illusion, it would certainly help. If they are embossed dots, I suspect it's not a coincidence that, according to the information in the Dominion catalog, they used a coding system using dots. Unless I missed something, I don't recall it being established whether the bottle was hand blown or machine made. Even though there is some question when Dominion started marking their bottles with the Diamond-D logo, we do know that the company was established in 1913. Based on everything I have seen thus far, Dominion was using machine production by 1913. The five-point star is another mystery, especially when you take into account that no one, including myself, can seem to find another one that's exactly like it embossed on the base of a Dominion bottle of any type. The soda bottles that have the same star are definitely interesting, but those too are a total mystery as to what they represent. Even though the star on the soda bottles have Trade Mark associated with them, and might be related to those particular bottlers, there doesn't seem to be a direct connection to MSZ's bottle, at least not one that has been established yet. And then there is the size (12 Oz) and style (shape) of the bottle to consider - it could be almost anything from a small liquor bottle to a large medicinal bottle. Without a paper label or more information, we may never know. However, that doesn't mean we can't take a guess as to what type of bottle it might be.

So, without further ado, and after looking at a jillion different bottle types, my best guess is a ...

Bay Rum (Cologne) Bottle

Dominion Bottle Forum Nov 2020.jpg
Bay Rum Bottle eBay Dec 2020.jpg
Bay Rum Bottle (2).jpg

Bay Rum Bottle.jpg
Bay Rum Trade Card Ad.jpg

From Dominion Catalog - Most Likely Available in Various Sizes
Dominion Glass Catalog Bay Rum Page 46.jpg

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