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Looking for info on Pre-1873 Singer oil bottles


New Member
May 19, 2020
I am new to this group and have been collecting Singer oil containers for about a year now. I have several variations of the later Singer bottles with the oval logo and paper labels. Now I would like to learn more about the earlier bottles manufactured prior to 1873 when Singer moved from New York to New Jersey. These pre-1873 bottles would most likely have either "I. M. Singer & Co." and/or "New York" embossed. There was a few years when the "I. M. Singer" name was dropped and replaced with "Singer Manufacturing Co." but still included "New York". I would love to see some good photos of any of these early bottles and would be interested in purchasing any extras that collectors might have.


Well-Known Member
Mar 9, 2013
Northern N.J.
Hello Craig, welcome to the forum. Sadly I only had one Singer oil that i had dug in Yonkers, NY several years ago. So long ago that I don't have it any longer and don't even have a photo of it. it was small tho and I believe (if my feabled memory serves correct) that it was about 4" tall, had indented panels a ring around the neck and a fancy S logo. I do remember thinking, as I uncovered it, that it was a Larkin or colgate bottle at first, until i cleared the soil and ash of the front.
Good luck, I hope you can score some of these bottles that you are looking for!

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