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Lucky Club / Holiday Bottles / St. Louis, Missouri


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Jan 21, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri
Lucky Club Company
Lucky Club – Orange Crush Bottling Co.
4657 Swan Avenue (1938-1940)
635-637 Delmonte Way (1948-1959)
St. Louis, Missouri

Lucky Club Bottle Company was started in 1938 and this is one of the first newspaper ads that I could find.

Lucky Club ad.jpg

Another early ad from an Illinois newspaper that shows the same bottle as in my collection. A 1938, 7 ½ ounce embossed Lucky Club. Well,mine does not say cola and I haven’t seen any bottles that do, however that does not mean there isn’t one.

Illinois ad.jpg P1030081.jpg

Lucky Club was also known as the Lucky Club – Orange Crush Bottling Co. in 1939. I found an ad and luckily, I have the bottle to match.

Luck orange crush ad 1939.jpg P1030084.jpg P1030082.jpg

1943 and Lucky Club announces a new bottler in St. Louis for their beverages. I featured Moore Brothers Bottling Co. in a previous thread. I am guessing here that The Lucky Club Co. got out of the bottling business and concentrated strictly on the flavored syrup business. I find no other listings of Lucky Club as a bottler.

lucky 1.jpg

I have seen a lot of Lucky Club trade ads as well as ones for Holiday. Holiday was a soda that came in many different flavors. Here are images of trade ads with their matching bottles.

Lucky trade ad.jpg P1030093.jpg P1030090.jpg Holiday trade ad.jpg

Here are the rest of the Lucky Club bottles in my collection. A 7 oz. aqua glass dated 1947 in the first picture. A 7 oz., 10oz., 12 oz., and 32 oz. all from the mid to late 1940’s in the second picture.

P1030085.jpg P1030091.jpg


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Mar 25, 2008
Always enjoy your post, the history you have on each brand you collect, the images, your bottles always seem/look mint... Great info, great stuff. Keep 'em coming.

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