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Need a battle buddy to go bottle hunting!? Southern part of NE Ohio here.


May 24, 2021
N.E. Ohio
Hello, I'm in NW Canton.
Do you know of any good places to dig?
I know of a few & have continued to research where other dumps were. I have one spot that is so mixed that you will find a 1890 blob top, with 1950 whisky bottles & medicine tubes & bottles that said expired in 1958 & old Clorox brown jugs, have found old translucent bottles (slick & non slick) blues & greens. I have more of that story in my profile, found the dig spot while morel mushroom hunting. There's no rym or reason what u may find. I usually take my 6 yr old, so I don't get much accomplished like I'd like. But within an HR & half easily get 2 bags full. No time to really investigate what they are until I get home because she's running around. Or even investigate the area to see the rym & reason. All's I can think of is when the cut the river bank back 100 yrds to put down a parking area they pushed what ever lived through it back to the tracks, then over time as everything settled & eroded bottles are being found not even 2 feet deep. Heck so far Iv only use a cheap hand rake to dig. The ground is fairly soft or I say fertile rich black dirt, then small thin layers of rust & old material. In some cases iv found blobs not even 3 inches deep. . It kinda in public view & u can see where some drinks or kids have busted brand new beer bottles on rocks & trees. But as far as I can tell, no one has digged at it. No pits or holes. And iv kept it a secret, but at this point now I really want someone who knows what they are doing to help & be a second set of eyes & Brain.

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