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St. Augustine bottle dump sites.


New Member
Nov 25, 2020
This is my first post on this site(new member). I live in St. Augustine, Florida and have been a collector of old things for my whole life, I started with fossils and arrowheads, but in the last year or so started to realize what I that there is so much to find right here in my literal back yard. My fossil collecting friend and I decided to try our hands at finding old bottles and relics in town since our fossil collecting trips usually take us to areas of the state that require a full day up to 3 days to successfully hunt, we were looking for something local to do after work or on short notice. I decided to go to the historical society A.K.A. Hysterical society.
They were literally no help. I started looking at old sanborn maps of the area, it turns out that my house, built in 1884 had a series of privys located on my neighbors property now. After asking for permission to dig her yard up we went to work removing 2 trees and more roots than i thought could be possible we struck gold. In the first 2 days of digging we ended up with dozens of embossed med bottles, stoneware ginger beer bottles, torpedos, whiskeys and an unfortunate broken (by me) 1700s salt glazed olive jar. Also a few med bottles that are embossed st augustine "on the corner" pharmacy. I will post pics when i finally figure out how top import them from my phone. If there is anyone in the area that want to dig let me know. I am an electrical contractor and most of my jobs are in "old town" I keep my probe with me at all times and i find something just about every day, even when im not trying, these things seem to find me.
happy hunting yall


Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2018
Can’t wait to see the pics. Gotta love someone willing to let you not o my dig their yard but cut down trees.

I think there are some people on the site here who have dug in and around at Augustine so maybe you’ll find some partners. If I wasn’t in CT - I’d love to get together and try to find some spots

Hogtown Hunter

New Member
Apr 20, 2021
Gainesville, Florida
Hey dirt foot. Nice bottles. I've been hunting sharks teeth for years and started detecting a couple years back. I'm new to bottle hunting and would love to tag along with you one weekend. I live in Gainesville and grew up in Palatka. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Thanks Jeff.


Well-Known Member
Jul 23, 2008
Rhode Island
Dirtfoot, I gotta hand it to you. You went straight from novice to varsity without an incubation period in the JV ranks. Finding and digging privies is no easy task. Congratulations!


Apr 8, 2020
Central NJ
From what I can see, your bottles look like early 20th century. Clear close-ups of the tops and bottoms would be helpful. The Scotch bottle was probably made in Scotland, and those tend to be cruder than a similar bottle made in USA in the same period.

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