What is the best piece of intact advertsing you have found while bottle digging?


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I can't get over Hemi's glass beer sign. Just killer.

Anyway, i found this in a dump way back when I had just started collecting as a teenager. It measures about 6" h x 8" w and appears to be made of either brass or bronze.



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hemihampton, here's a sign like the one you dug, but a different brand. If you get the BCCA magazine, maybe you already saw it.



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Yeah, That sign does look alot like mine. I got the 2 small holes at top corner also. I do get the BCCA Magazine since I'm a member. But don't remember seeing that, unless that's a brand new addition I have not received yet. If so when did you get yours copy? THANKS, LEON.


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brass tag on an early sardine can

Gold rush era. I've seen these before but never thought I'd bump into one. Just out of the ground 3 days ago. Big Smiles.


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Here's mine, A extremely rare 1 of a kind, only one known to exist early 1900 (possibly 1890's?) ROG (reverse on glass) Mt. Clemens Brewery Sign. Found at bottom of privy at 5 feet. unbroken. A Amazing piece. I got a award for digging this unique piece of history. LEON.View attachment 184198

Leon that sign is incredible! What material was the image made from ? I dug one early this year and it only had the glass remaining. Took me till now to figure out what it was. I’m wondering how the image remained intact all those years in the ground and on mine there was nothing left? I know this was an old post but I just ran across it.


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Ever since digging my Hensch Scissor sign I have wondered what other pieces of advertising people have found (besides jugs and bottles) while bottle digging. If you have dug intact advertsing pieces besides jugs and bottles including signs, ashtrays, chinaware, etc. please post your best intact piece here.

Here is my best and only advertising sign:

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E1E492D3-21BC-42C7-AC4B-FA1D97008F0F.jpegC62593B9-E81A-42B3-BA84-D0A4228E05DD.jpegFound this nice saloon token from belton Texas at my hunting location, as far as I know it’s the only proof that this place once existed

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