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Aug 22, 2012
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Show Me State (Missouri)
These are strictly my own opinions and nothing said here is to be taken personally or out of context... but what separates collectors from investors? Lots of things especially when it comes to a broken bottle.
Today I share a few of my broken dreams and as a collector I enjoy these as much as any other bottle in my collection. An investor would not look twice at such bottles... a collector recognizes these are little bits of history, deserving of preservation, doing their best to save them, while an investor will look for a trash can.​
I have several broken bottles in my collection. I wish they were not damaged. Who doesn't like a nice clean minty condition bottle? Nobody and that kind of bottle appeals to just about everyone. What about the other bottles? Below are selections from my collection, which in all likelihood will be the only examples of these bottles that I will ever own. The odds are against for ever upgrading these bottles. My line of thinking is that it is better to have a lesser one than NONE AT ALL. I am a collector.
The first bottle BUFFALO BOTTLING WORKS // BUFFALO LAGER BEER is so rare that I have yet to meet another collector who has one. It had been listed on feeBay and I watched it for week after week as the seller kept trying to find a buyer. I didn't want to spend any money (that was my investor side) on a broken beer bottle, but I felt (the collector coming out in my) that if I didn't acquire it, it would be discarded and the world of collecting might never know about this obscure bottle. Missing its entire top has not stopped me from respecting this bottle.​
The second bottle is a sad tale of a seller fail. Having inverted embossing this BOTTLED BEER // F. GOMILLA is a wonderful oddity it. Many years ago the owner of this bottle contacted, they were no longer collecting and were looking for a good home for this embossed beer. To say I was excited would be an understatement. The day the package arrived I couldn't get home quick enough so I could open it. What a shock o_O of disappointment when I looked inside. Having started its journey as a whole bottle it was now a pile of pieces and shards!!!! Trying to be nice the seller had thrown in an extra bottle (that I did not want), the bottles were very loose in the box as the seller had not packed the items well enough to survive... alas... the wrong bottle was broken. I have searched high and low for another one of these with no success. Even with the glue job I still really like this bottle.
Finally I was at a bottle show in St. Louis and a dealer had this F. RAACKE // WHITE BEER on their table. Every time I walked by that table I would stop and look at it. Late in the day I started up a conversation with them and discussed how I was surprised no one had purchased this bottle even though it was broke I thought it was a great example because of the color. I actually had (have) one that is a very pale aqua and this broken one was much prettier. The dealer said he was going to take it and cut it up and make a drinking cup out of it. I couldn't let the bottle be humiliated. I immediately asked him what his bottom dollar for would be and acquired it. He then produced the blob top, gave that to me, when I got home I made this funny looking neck from packing tape, have kept it and never been ashamed of it.​
How about some of you COLLECTORS, show us what you've saved from the trash?

Robby Raccoon

Trash Digger
Jun 14, 2014
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Locō movērī
I do have one bottle on display that is missing its bottom, and another that is just a shard. But when I can find a nicer example of one, I would like to upgrade for aesthetic reasons. The other, eh. I don't collect milks. It's just too rare (two known examples) to toss out-- yet no one wants it! I tried selling it for ten bucks and no one bit.

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