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Wheaton, IL (Outside Chicago) Looking for diggers/barn divers

I Am The Bat

New Member
Jun 12, 2018

My name is Josh/M/29 and I live in Wheaton, IL which is about 30 miles outside of Chicago. I am looking to start a digging group or even some people to barn dive with. I have no privy digging experience but I own shovels and I am physically up to par with digging holes. I just joined this site so my user account is very new but I plan to be a part of this community so I wanted to see if there are any members in acceptable proximity to me for some digging or general discussion.

I am mainly interested in older fruit jars but bottles have been making their way into my collection along with some insulators. Bottles seem to be much more popular in the collecting community compared to jars and I am very glad there is a section on this website to piggyback on for the fruit jars.

Thanks for your time!


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