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Apr 22, 2022
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I started collecting Yellow Ware. I still enjoy Antique Bottles and Antique Stoneware but now I'm adding yellow ware to the list.

Should I paste a short definition of Yellow ware for the uninitiated? Sure? okay.

British Yellow Ware
The earliest British yellow ware production began in Glasgow, Scotland or the English Yorkshire region, in the last several decades of the eighteenth century (Gallo 1985:10). These areas, with their good deposits of yellow firing clay were ideal for yellow ware production, which soon spread to Derbyshire and Wales (Gallo 1985:10-15). As was true for North America as well, many manufacturers of yellow ware also produced Rockingham wares. Yellow wares were imported from Great Britain into the United States, especially before the North American yellow ware industry took off.

North American Yellow Ware

In the United States, potteries producing yellow wares were established primarily by English potters who had gained experience in the Staffordshire district (Goldberg 2003). Yellow ware potteries sprang up in areas with good deposits of buff colored clay; the main centers of manufactory were in Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New England-ftn2 (Gallo 1985:17). North American production can be dated as early as 1797,-ftn3 but output during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries was limited; the first successful production not occurring until 1828 at the D. & J. Henderson firm in New Jersey (Ketchum 1987:13-14). Prior to around 1850, North American wares tended to be thick-bodied and heavy (Gallo 1985:16). Yellow ware continued production in the United States into the 1930s, but tapered off after the turn of the twentieth century (Leibowitz 1985:9).

Here are some bowls!


This is the first one I bought. I believe it maybe was from a nesting set? It's the only bowl with significant distortion in the lip. This and all the other bowls I would describe with my limited knowledge on the subject as being from the early 20th century.

I bought this one based purely upon the molding. This specific pattern has been reproduced many times, it's quite popular.

This is another molded one.

I've also noticed the color in this yellow ware can appear quite different in photos depending on the lighting...

I just really love the yellow :p

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