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Recent content by barrelsofbottles

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    Just in time for Christmas

    Unfrickin Believable!!!! I can just imagine one of my family members face if they opened a box containing a bottle top! Really???
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    Literally! Barrels of Bottles

    Thanks Rock! I will keep it in mind. We did slump a Hillbilly bottle earlier before we realized we should look around.
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    Literally! Barrels of Bottles

    I will post some pics sometime this week. Crazy busy!! Also, I have misplaced my camera so I am on the hunt. [:@] Driving me crazy!!! LOL
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    Could someone give me any info on these?

    Thank you so much. I will check that site out. And yes that is a Horlicks. I have about 4 of them I think. I sure am learning alot! [:D]
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    Listed 8 Bubble 7up's

    I agree about the reserve. I have sold alot on Ebay and always start at .99 with no reserve. I think a reserve scares people away. I listed an old vintage toy at .99 and sold it for over 1500.00. Good Luck!
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    Listings this week.

    How do you do on the auctions? I have SO many old bottles but I'm not sure if its worth it. Although, I apparently have one good one! I have an old blob top Pabst. I just don't like the fees.
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    $110 for this Pepsi...

    You can't use a lighter....maybe put a stick in it and hold it over a fire.[:D] But be careful because when you take it off the fire it may crack! Let me know and maybe I can list some of our slumped bottles for 50.00.[:D] You just never know about that auction site.
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    Could someone give me any info on these?

    Actually, the blue bottle is a vodka bottle.[:D] Thanks for the input...
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    Literally! Barrels of Bottles

    Wow! Now I am truly overwhelmed! Thanks to all of you. I don't really care for that auction site but I may give it a try. I'm not thrilled with their fees. I am still looking through the barrels and I believe I have more Pabst. I won't be melting anything from these barrels for a bit. I...
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    Literally! Barrels of Bottles

    I forgot the last bottle in the first line-up. It is a Miller bottle. It has bubbles in it and the seam appears to fade away before the top. The bottom has W F & S, the number 22 and MIL. Maybe a pontil, but I'm not sure.
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    Literally! Barrels of Bottles

    And for the next line-up....left to right 10 oz Coca-Cola 12 oz (I think) Red Rock Cola - South Bend, IN 7 oz Champay Non-Alcoholic - St. Louis, MO 7 oz Lack's - Muskegon, MI 7 oz Drewrys Alka-Pep - Detroit, MI 7 oz Bubble Up - Bottled by Coca-Cola 8 oz Clicquot Club - Millis, Mass 7...
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    Literally! Barrels of Bottles

    Here is my first line-up. From left to right.... 7 oz. Johnnie Ryan - Newark, NJ 7 oz. Copper Beer - Mishawaka, IN What is, I believe, is a vintage beer bottle 1 Pint Like a Product of 7-Up 10 oz. Mason's Root Beer - Chicago, IL 16 oz Hill Billy Beverage - Richland Center, WI 7 oz...
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    Could someone give me any info on these?

    I am on this forum to make sure we don't slump anything of value. The following picture is of our slumped bottles.
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    Could someone give me any info on these?

    The best bottom pic I could get. The rectangular ones may not be but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance.
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    Could someone give me any info on these?

    I've been all over this forum so I apologize for reposting similar pics. Just trying to get information. I believe these are pontil bottles, with the exception of the Spanada bottle. [:)]

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