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    New bottle Display room

    So much time in that collection and so many stories!Very nice!
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    No Idea

    Clarified Honey.It looks like an abm,(automatic bottle machine), bottle after t.o.c.(turn of the century).Apothecary bottles that are not dug may look new.I can see some base wear.I dont know where the flared "type" lip fits in a timeline.The makers mark should get you some info. on the...
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    LMAO Blade.Looks like Richard Cranium,the boss of a friend of mine. KD,if you use Windows,you can right click on your picture.Select Stretch/Skew.Reduce the picture size vertical and horizntal to 10%.Go to "file" and "save as" to your desktop.When you click on "embed pic. in post" and...
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    Nice surprise

    Congrats Clam! The rich are good for something after all!
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    Cougar going thru Wisconsin and on to Michigan

    Good use of the hairdo to hide all the crows feet.
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    Cougar going thru Wisconsin and on to Michigan

    Same thing here with Wolves in Maine,maybe because they want to introduce them into the State.Cougars have been seen but the Inland Fisheries and Game dept.says they dont exist.
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    dremel tool?

    I think he is talking about the cloudiness AFTER the dremels use not cloudiness in general. I think Hextal would work.Im not sure if polyurethane would stick to glass.Maybe clear nail polish?I wouldnt grind out a bruise so I dont really know.
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    Apple Green Barrel Boy

    Jim,the first pic wont load but the second one looks like a Matrix Rock Star.You forgot to dye the goatee to match.Say cheese next time,you look pis sed. [:D] The Klecko one is really close.Maybe you could stunt double for him... At least you can take your picture.My face always shatters...
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    Prepare for rummaging.

    Thanks for the great info. guys.I like the idea of a water machine.I have been debating whether to buy a detector or not for a long time.I lost my grandfathers WWI compass while deer hunting and would love to find it.I also found out about a box of coins that were buried by a friend that cant...
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    Apple Green Barrel Boy

    Ditch that hairdo and you wouldnt be a bad lookin dude.[:D]
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    Couple of nice very historical Baltimore flasks.......and a swan song.

    My thoughts exactly Chris! I have nothing for bottles,I cant seem to find any,my knowledge of bottles is very limited and being a digger at heart,I guess I will have to buy bottles if I want any.My area was settled very late too.Trouble is,Im still out of a job,(but that is soon to change,I...
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    Prepare for rummaging.

    Ive heard the White is a good detector.How does it stack up against the Garrett?
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    Went Dump Hopping today-----

    Gee Rick,I thought I remember you saying you was a privy only digger.[8|] Welcome to the fold.[:D]
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    Interesting.Now I can get that pontil I have been chasing for so long.I would rather dig one but I want one more than I can wait.[:D]
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    Ball Pints Box End

    Way to go Dave! Those are way better fixed up.I really like the 48 stars on the flags.I have a few boxes I have collected but never thought of fixing them up.My favorite is a dovetailed box for shotgun shells that is in pretty good shape.If you do any more be sure to post em.

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