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    Melvin & Badger Apothicaries Boston

    I have a 5 inch tall blue bottle from Melvin & Badger Apothecaries Boston, I have had it for years and wondered if anyone can give me more information in it. It is a circular stamp and a squared iff bottle with rounded edges.

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    Re: Melvin & Badger Apothicaries Boston

    Hi, is it like the one on this page? http://www.antiquemedicin...icineNexus/M/Ma-Mh.htm

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    Re: Melvin & Badger Apothicaries Boston

    Eric Please fill me in on this listing - I assume it is Matt's listing but I don't know anything about how it is put together - or - it is a neat listing and a heck of a lot of work to accomplish. I am going to get involved with another computer class here in our Club House - soon. It is almost impossible to keep up with how things are accomplished. I know for sure - I need do do a lot of learning - but for an old man like me it is a tough strain on getting it into my head. It is a great listing job, and only scratches the possibilities. Thanks from my flipped out interest. RED Matthews


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