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Thread: Date this Can?

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    Yes, Leon has it right. I had thought the Church-key double-puncture flat-tops had gone away by then. We still use pull-top/zip-tops beverage cans today. The older styles ones mostly come from Mexico as imports, though, such as with the coconut water or nectar juices.
    Interesting, I've never seen Mexican drinks in any sort of cans up here. We do get a few drinks from China with those old-style pull tabs though. There's a coconut drink I like that comes in one of those cans. No idea what it's called, there isn't a word of English on it. Do you know of any American companies still using the pull tabs? I'm pretty certain that there are no domestic companies using them here. And I've found some pretty late flat top soda cans as well, the supermarket brands switched over much later. These ones were a bit smaller than the 50s flat tops. I wonder if any North American brands continued using them into the 80s - aside from those big juice cans which you can still buy today.

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    Yeah, from where I used to volunteer, they get canned donations, but not all of them can be used (the animals don't drink coconut milk or eat re-fried beans), so the volunteers could pick and choose what they wanted. As for American brands, I don't know, I'm afraid. I eat pretty much the same things over and over, so I don't look at the other shelves at market.

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