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    Amber Armours Bottle

    Hello! New here, just wondering if anyone could give me any info on this bottle. It's a fairly large bottle. It says Armours Top Notch Brand Chicago. I found another post on here where someone had a similar bottle and thought it may be a ketchup. But this one is amber and I can't find another one like it in amber on the internet. So my questions would be, is it indeed a ketchup bottle? Is this amber version pretty rare or worth anything at all? And I'm assuming this is around turn of the century. It has a seam down the side but stops when it gets to the neck and the top was put on after and is made pretty uneven as one side of the mouth is much wider than the other.
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    Hi Azmodeus, welcome to the forum! Your bottle is definitely not a ketchup bottle. I'm not convinced that the other bottle which was posted was a ketchup either, since they have a small bottle which looks to me like a grape juice. This bottle isn't grape juice either though, and I don't know what it is. I don't know whether or not it's rare, but unfortunately with it just being base embossed it isn't going to be worth much.

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    Armour's Top Notch Brand was fruit juices and syrups according to this 1914 ad:

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    Prune juice?

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