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  1. M

    Chero-Cola Amber Block Letter - (6.5 Fl Oz) - Perry, FLA.

    Excited to learn as much as possible about this bottle and get it listed in the near future, as well (probably eBay). This Amber Perry, FL Chero-Cola (6.5 Fl Oz) bottle was dug out of a privy in St. Joseph, MO by my dad and the late Antique Bottle connoisseur, Johnnie Fletcher, in May of 2000...
  2. Skull and Crossbones Poison

    Skull and Crossbones Poison

    This is an early-mid 20th century Tincture of Iodine bottle. As you can see it features the titular skull and crossbones that once instilled fear in all those who saw it. Found in fall of 2021.
  3. S

    Pepsi-Cola Bottle Unsure of Authenticity or Age

    Hello! I have a bottle I bought at a yard sale and it appears to be a pepsi-cola bottle from 1903-10? But I am unsure. I have been trying to glean information from the internet and so far I believe it is an early 1900s bottle. I would appreciate any input. Thank you in advance.
  4. Zack Hartsog

    I inherited a horde, now what?

    My grand parents both recently past and I moved into their home. Bless them both but they kept everything. Including anything glass. I now have hundreds of mostly unidentified bottles. Everything from odd medicines and soda to a "poison bottle". Forgive me and my ignorance while i post these...
  5. botttlesRclankin247

    Cressona bottling company

    My Amber cressona bottling company bottle. Not to be sold written on back.
  6. A

    Amber Armours Bottle

    Hello! New here, just wondering if anyone could give me any info on this bottle. It's a fairly large bottle. It says Armours Top Notch Brand Chicago. I found another post on here where someone had a similar bottle and thought it may be a ketchup. But this one is amber and I can't find another...

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