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  1. UnderMiner

    19th Century Cobalt Glazed Ceramic Inkwell

    Was excavating a 100+ year old area today and just as the sun began to set I discovered this amazing hand painted glazed ceramic inkwell. It appears to be a type used in the early 19th century for quill pens, though I am still not quite certain as to the proper name for this style of inkwell...
  2. UnderMiner

    Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottle - Buchan Portobello Pottery

    I was searching the woods today around where an old Victorian mansion once stood and found the scattered fragments of a ceramic bottle. I collected the fragments and reconstructed what I had to make this: It isn't complete but there is more than enough to see one full side, and it just so...
  3. UnderMiner

    Stoneware Jug of H. C. Bohack

    I dug up fragments of this stoneware jug and pieced them back together. The jug is incomplete but has a fascinating history. It was made for H. C. Bohack Co. which was a family owned chain of grocery stores founded in 1887 by German immigrant Henry Christian Bohack. Henry C. Bohack: Bohack...
  4. 1 Gallon Ovoid Jug

    1 Gallon Ovoid Jug

    This is an unstamped ovoid jug with a cobalt blue decoration at the base of the handle. Made in mid-19th century.
  5. 2 Gallon Ovoid Jug

    2 Gallon Ovoid Jug

    Unstamped with a cobalt blue Tulip and "2". Dates to mid 19th century. I speculate it's either from New York or possibly Ohio.
  6. UnderMiner

    Dundee Marmalade Jar Reconstructed From Fragments

    I was digging at a 1940's bottle dump yesterday and found the fragments to a James Keiller & Son's Dundee Marmalade jar. I have only ever found one that wasn't broken, now I have two reconstructed examples to go with it. The bottom says "Pot made in England"
  7. 1 Pt. Stoneware Whiskey Jug

    1 Pt. Stoneware Whiskey Jug

    This is a 1 Pt. whiskey jug I excavated from a prohibition-era dump on June 16th 2023.
  8. UnderMiner

    1 Pt. Stoneware Jugs, Clay Pipe, Clay Marbles, etc. (June 15th 2023)

    Scored a number of firsts today down at the 1924-capped landfill. Found my first complete 1 Pt. whiskey jug and then a second even nicer 1 Pt. whiskey jug. Found my first 19th century clay pipe bowl fragment, stamped: "Dublin Pipe No. 1". Scored this huge clay marble, a shooter, as well...
  9. UnderMiner

    Blobs, Meds, Stoneware, Whistle, etc. (May 7th 2023)

    These are all finds from a dig I conducted yestersay, May 7th 2023: The large bottles include: 1. Tooled blob C. V. Garrison Flushing L.I. made by the Karl Hutter bottling works in 1908. 2. Tooled blob amber bottle, no markings. 3. Machine-made Artic Fruit Juice Co. Norfolk Va. 4...
  10. One Gallon Stoneware Jug

    One Gallon Stoneware Jug

    An unmarked one gallon stoneware jug from a 1924-capped landfill. (Excavated April 26th 2023)
  11. 1 Gallon Stoneware Jug

    1 Gallon Stoneware Jug

    This is a jug I reconstructed from fragments. I couldn't find all of the pieces so the jug is incomplete, it was good practice though! Maybe one day I'll fill in the holes with plaster. :D
  12. Wm Connors Hutchinson

    Wm Connors Hutchinson

    An 1880's-90's Hutchinson bottle along with a 1900's-1910's amber toolder-blob beer, an early 1920's cobalt Milk of Magnesia bottle - along with about $7 in clad coins, a 1920 French Third Republic 10 Centimes, a brown stoneware jug fragment, and a small piece of a salt-glazed ginger beer bottle.
  13. 1 1/2 Gallon Stoneware Crock

    1 1/2 Gallon Stoneware Crock

    Late 19th C. - Early 20th C. stoneware storage crock. White glazed ceramic with blue glaze number "1 1/2" displayed on exterior. Interior is brown glaze. Significant section of the pottery is missing. One smaller section was located in hole and returned to its proper configuration.
  14. UnderMiner

    19th c. Stoneware: 1 and 1/2 Gallon Crock

    New location, new riverbank, new stoneware. A 1 and 1/2 gallon storage crock. Managed to find one of the broken-off peices, quite confident the other piece may be burried near by, otherwise a fair bit of restoration work is required. If anyone has any additional information about this...
  15. Vitreous Stone Bottle

    Vitreous Stone Bottle

    This is a 32oz stoneware ink bottle with a rolled rubber stopper. It was produced for J. Bourne & Son, and P. & J. Arnold, near Derby, London, Great Britian. It dates from about 1890-1910.
  16. Whiskey Jug

    Whiskey Jug

    A collection of 1910's-era finds from one of my digs. Included are a stoneware whiskey jug, Dundee Marmalade jar, and a tooled blob glass beer bottle.
  17. UnderMiner

    Queen Victoria's Toothpaste

    I was digging for bottles in a new site last year when I found the lid to a stoneware toothpaste tub. It has the Imperial Crest of Queen Victoria on it as well as the words "by appointment" under it. I did some research and found out the "by appointment" designation means the product was in use...
  18. T

    Maine Stoneware Bottles

    Hey, any info on Maine stoneware Bottles? I know a lot of them are “maverick”, meaning they only have the bottlers names stamped into them, but no city or state. Hoping to find someone with a list or literature on them. I got a “J.E. Wentworths Ginger Pop” bottle from my uncle when he passed...
  19. Hestia

    Help ID this stoneware bottle?

    I found this while digging in my back yard. (I live in New Orleans, 9th Ward) It was about 18” deep and it’s location was likely the site of the privy. I can’t quite make out the stamp but my best guess is “H KENNEDY 8 GLASGOW”. Anyone have a better guess? I’m so curious about it!
  20. RelicRaker

    Any info on this stoneware beer?

    Found 2 complete bottles today— A squat blob embossed "James Connor Philada" (JC on the reverse) and a stoneware beer stamped "FRED GACK" <?> Detail shot... Any info on this brewer. c. 1870s?

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