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Jan 8, 2003
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Conroe, Texas (but originally Massachusetts)

I am both excited and a bit nervous about accepting the opportunity that has been given to me to moderate this forum! I hope that I will earn the confidence Roger has invested in me, by doing my part to make this forum one that you look forward to viewing and participating in often.

Before I tell you what I hope to bring to you as moderator, let me explain my limitations. I know of many individuals in this hobby that know a great deal more than me (about almost everything!). I have a good depth of knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm; if I can' t offer much of the former, I hope you will at least enjoy the latter! Besides, a moderator is not meant to be a know-it-all expert. I want you to feel welcome to the forum, and hope to engage the thoughts and opinions of everyone who visits! The same should go for you, the reader. We don' t expect you to be an expert (although some of you clearly are); we just hope you' ll actively participate, whether through posting a new " What is it?" item, or telling us what you know or even suspect about somebody else' s item.

I love antique bottles of all types and have been collecting and researching them for over fifteen years. I have added bottles to my medicine collection by digging, going to yard sales, flea markets, auctions, and mail order, antique shows, and now eBay as well. I have focused my collecting to medicines from Lynn, Massachusetts because I am writing a book about the pursuit of health in that city, plus I would surely go broke if I collected everything I like! I would also mention that I am equally avid about bottle " go-withs," like trade cards, pamphlets, almanacs, etc., and have a pretty extensive collection of these as well.

I sincerely look forward to making a lot of friends in this forum and in this great website. Roger has done a fabulous job getting it set up. Now it' s up to us to make this site go to the next level. We have a great core of members - I look forward to hearing from each of you. Please tell your friends about us too!

My very best to you --Andy Rapoza [:)]

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