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Feb 26, 2020
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Goldsboro MD
Although I don’t know much about it, I think this is so freaking cool. This bottle always reminds me why I need to leave as soon as it starts getting dark.

I dug this one area, found just a few things not as much as I usually find. I have this problem where I stay out later then I should. This was back when it was getting dark at 4:40-5. I go out pretty late too that’s my own fault. But because of that I always feel I didn’t get enough time.

A funny thing that happens in my area is that the geese let me know every day when what I call “crunch time” begins. The geese fly over me and they are quite vocal to say the least. I always shout “ok ok I hear you thanks” because about 30 minutes after that it’s dark out. Now this should be my “go home” alarm. I’m stubborn so it’s my crunch time alarm.

Naturally It’s hard to see at dusk...there for I miss a lot of things I would usually have no problem seeing. That’s what happened here. I missed this bottle. The next day I was walking past that spot and thankfully something told me to go back and see if there was any more area I think I should dig before crossing it off my map. When I went back over I saw this pretty baby just sitting right on top of my dirt pile as if someone just stuck her there. Basically I could have missed one of my fav bottles ever!....by not leaving when I should have. It was a lesson learned and now I leave when the geese sing for me. I still wonder how many cool things I missed doing this.

Thought I’d share hopefully some of you are still awake to here me thank you guys. All of you have helped me a lot and I REALLY enjoy talking to you all. So thank you for taking time out of your days to share your info, take pictures, and even look up info for me and others. It really helps the newbies and keep this awesome hobby alive! You guys rock and are so much nicer then most people I know. I’m a social introvert. (I like people And have no problem being social/ I don’t like people and want to stay in, build a wall, live in the woods with my bottles) so this site is my happy medium. Thanks guys!


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