Bottles need to go, down sizing, PM me for any offers please

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Apr 29, 2022
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I Give up. I did what you said & went to John's name and then put start conversation. Wrote what I needed to but NO place to push send. John is still looking for someone to purchase his bottles I I am looking to purchase them but can not even get a message to him. I just went back and wrote this
This is soooooooooooo confusing. I wrote you about 10 times & I do not know if you even received one of my messages. I should just give up. I offered $60.00 for the Ink well bottle collection & now it changed to threaded bottles. I do not even know what a threaded bottle is. I never saw any for sale. I also looked at an American Indian collection. On this site but nothing to do with bottles. I asked how old were the Indian Blankets & rugs. Either you or someone else answered saying they did not know how old the3 bottles were, he obtained them in little back woods towns. The last time I PMed you there was no button to send the message. This is the craziest site I have ever been in. I think I am writing all of this for nothing because last time I could not send it to you. If you do get this, please answer it. Thank you Stephen. P.S. Maybe my $60.00 doesn't sound like much but how much they are worth compared to how much you can get for them are two very different things.
The site said that John has not received any messages. I give up, nothing is worth this much time to get nothing done.

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