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Date these glass shards?


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Jan 17, 2021
This is my first post. Normally would post on Facebook but I left social media.

I've been hunting and researching a town that is now long gone. It was an Old Sawmill town close to my house, 1881 to 1912. All indications in the research I've done have shown that the town was deserted by 1912 and all buildings torn down or removed and sold. All that is left to Mark the Spot definitively is the white folks graveyard across the highway. There are no surviving maps of the town and very few pictures. It was however pretty busy, even had a brass band.

I'd spend countless hours hiking that side of the highway finding nothing and I just got into looking into this side where I found this glass yesterday. This was all surface finds after someone had bulldozed a section of the property. The Unearthed section was only as wide as the bulldozer and a couple hundred feet long.

I only found one piece of evidence of a screw-top, and absolutely no other trash indicating a dump. The two glass buttons and the random pieces of plate Ware was it. I have previously metal detected this spot finding only extremely weathered pieces of iron. A couple hundred yards away I have metal to take the pieces of the railroad tram that went from the town out to the logging camps.

Normally the bottle dumps I browse are 1930s and none of this glass looks close to that. The colors and the style of the cork tops lead me to believe after a little bit of research last night that I may be a lot closer to the time period Of the site.

I did probe a large area while I was there and felt nothing.

This was right on a property line, the other side of the property being Timber Company land. They till up earth like a garden 2 feet high where they plant the pine trees. Anything that was once there has been chipped up into bits I'm sure. I have raked the pine needles off of those Mounds under the trees and found more broken glass.

What do you think? Right time period?

One of the bottom pieces says A. B. G. M. CO with a V1 in the middle which I placed at 1908 from a great directory I found online last night. There are other random pieces of embossed glass. I'm really working and a hard spot now because of all of the logging and replanting but has gone on here. View attachment 20210117_182958.jpgView attachment 20210117_163811.jpgView attachment 20210117_182932.jpg



New Member
Jan 17, 2021
Hard to tell without seeing directly, but a couple of those tops look to be earlier, maybe 1870s. I would think the rest range up to the 1920s at least.
With my limited knowledge of bottles, I did more research last night and was thinking the same thing!


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Jan 11, 2020
New Jersey
A.B.G.M.Co. is Adolphus Busch Glass Manufacturing Company. They had two at the time, one in Belleville, Illinois (1886-1905) the second was in St. Louis, Missouri (1891-1926).
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