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Detroit Demolition Find.


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2006
Nice find, any way you could locate the privy and dig?

A lot of times if the house had a garage, the garage will be built in the back corner. BUT, Before the Garage was ever built & before people were driving cars the Privy was usually in that same back corner or at least one of the many Privy's were. As they tear the house down they will tear down the garage which is usually already half gone or half dilapidated away. As a result as soon as they remove the Concrete garage floor they almost always kick up some kind of bottles, some times lots of broken shards but sometimes whole bottles. When they do this a lot of times they really tear up the whole back yard greatly disturbing the top 2 feet layer of dirt & sometimes deeper & sometimes leaving lots of broken up concrete debris buried deep in the dirt. This can make it extremely difficult to probe & find a privy. BUT, This house in picture had no garage & the 2 abandoned houses next to it have no standing garage so all 3 of these lots would be good candidates for some probing. Which I may do soon. But sometimes I like to wait till the middle of summer to have heavy Foliage hide my activity from prying eyes or nosy neighbors. LEON.


Well-Known Member
Jun 22, 2016
Cool finds! I would seriously be running a metal detector over the area after they finish the demolition.

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