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First dump in a while


Active Member
Nov 20, 2019
Millville Pennsylvania
Picked through my first dump in quite a while this past week. Nothing too special, but the property dates to at least 1870s, so i plan on taking my nephew back there to dig around a bit for his first dump dig. i found these just on top between two separate spots without having to really dig.



Well-Known Member
May 17, 2012
Ontario , Canada
the stuff you found so far is pretty recently maybe early 70's

not sure I've seen the A & W root beer no deposit before although doesn't really surprise me they had one

no idea who crass delicious beverages is ? would that of been a local bottler ? wasn't too many local bottlers who used no deposit bottles as not that many survived that late


Active Member
Nov 20, 2019
Millville Pennsylvania
Heres some info on Crass i found here:


James E. Crass (1867–1930), was born in Mayfield, Kentucky, and founded the predecessor franchise group to the Central Coca-Cola Company, Inc. Orphaned at an early age Crass was sent to live with an older half-brother, John T. Crass, a contractor in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His brother built the Lookout Incline and Lula Lake Railway in the late 1890s in Chattanooga. When of age, James E. Crass worked for his brother as an agent for a new cable line in the area. Crass saved money from his jobs and at the urging of Asa G. Candler, owner of The Coca-Cola Company, he purchased a small Coca-Cola bottling plant in Charleston, South Carolina in 1899. Within the next year Crass quickly outgrew the small plant and moved to Richmond, Virginia to build a larger plant in a more expansive bottling territory. Syrup in his territory was acquired from the Coca-Cola Company (Thomas) of Chattanooga, Tennessee who held the exclusive rights to sell the syrup to other bottlers in Crass's area. Crass grew his Coca-Cola conglomeration into 42 franchises in Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania among other states. James E. Crass was married to the former Emma Leimenstoll of Ohio. They had four children: James Edward, Lottie, Ada, and Nellie. At the time of his death in 1930, Crass was one of the most successful owners in the Coca-Cola franchise network and even produced his own brand of soda. In preparation for the future of the company Crass had taken on his son-in-law, and former Coca-Cola Company sales manager, as an employee. Walter L. Sams took over the management of the Crass plants upon Mr. Crass's death.

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