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found a gun licence as snow melted nearby


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May 17, 2012
Ontario , Canada
the snow started to melt a bit here this week as the weather nicer but still mostly all snow covered here . was out earlier and at a store on a busy street , behind it is a parking area and was poking around to see if I could find anything in the snow melted areas .

did find a couple things , 6 modern Canada coins ( $ 2 , $1 and 4 quarters ) in one spot . also found some business cards and a licence .

but it wasn't a typical licence , in Canada we have a license for firearms , called PAL by some but refered to legally as a possession and acquisition license . in short if you owned a legal gun you'd need one to own it or purchase one in a store etc .

I didn't take a picture of if , don't think its something you should be posting to the internet anyways , I turned it in to a nearby police station . they didn't pay much attention to me when I showed up but when I said I found a gun license they were more interested and took it so they could return it to owner or figure out why it ended up there . it had his picture and name but not town so not sure if he was local or not , another card I found said he was a carpenter so could of been here for work .

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