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I have a 1873 f. & j. Heinz sawt00th bottle with label star ammonia


Jun 29, 2019
I have a 1873 f. & j. Heinz co. Sawtooth bottle with lable star ammonia it is 8 inch tall auqa it has peened out embossing that you can still read f & j heinz & co pittsburgh embossing on front and it look the same as a heinz-noble co. Sawtooth bottle i beleve noble got mad at h . J heinz for dropping the noble interests and reorganizing partners with his brother and his cousin john and frederick on the compony. it was peened or slugged out of the mold by mr. Noble. Look at the bottle it looks like the heinz - noble 1873 sawtooth bottle with f.&.j heinz & co pittsburgh on the bottle. betty yumwalt book states heinz & noble went bankrup in 1873 i beleve noble peened or slugged the mold because his name was on the same bottle as f.&.j heinz sawtooth bottle and it is a 1873 f.&.j heinz sawtooth bottle. the early Heinz and noble bottles date prior to the consecutive numbering system which started in 1874 and the f. & . j Heinz bottle I have has no numbering on the bass of the bottle.


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