WTB Looking for antique bottle


Rookie digger, Sara Duke
Seems like a fun way to pass the time! Mostly I just search through flea markets and junk yards LOL.
I guess we'd rather have a cork top than a twist off. Something fairly tall, 12 or so inches, and very nice clear glass. Do any of yours seem to fit?
The three smaller ones in the picture are 11 in and the taller one is 11 1/2 . So not quite the size your looking for but I have access to an abundance of larger ones as well.


If you can find any that are 12 or more inches, cork top, with clear unscratched glass, I am definitely interested.


11" Tall by 3 1/4" diameter from the bottom to the top.There is 6 full inches of 3 1/4" bottle before it tapers into the neck.

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Seems a little smaller than what we’re looking for. But thank you for taking the time to check into it for me!

Buster Goodman

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Thank you for taking a look! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Well they are still pretty dirty, I just recently dug them up so sorry about that. But they look to be pretty old but I haven't done any research on them yet but the one on the left is a swist off lid and the other ones are corks , ( I'm guessing) but the glass is pretty thick in all . Sorry I'm new at this , I've got access to alot of places to dig for old bottles and so I've picked it up as a hobby.
I have about 40 clear wine and whiskey bottles that came out of a Knoxville landfill that was closed about 125 years ago but recently unearthed when a residential community was started atop the landfill. Let me know if you might want photographs.

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