Northeast Georgia Crowntops

As requested, here is a very rare Elberton soda in great condition.


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Killer, killer stuff. My sister's first husband was from Hartwell (she should've hung onto him) so I spent a lot of time in that area as a teenager. He took us rambling all over the place, so I'm familiar with all those towns even though I'm from south Georgia. Great folks up that way. Some real rarities in there. Thanks for sharing those with us. Maybe one day, you'll find one from Airline or Avalon!


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Does anyone here know the rarity of the Hartwell Bottling Works Hartwell Ga bottle that I posted a pic of ? All I know is that it’s not in the Georgia Crowntop book , and I’ve never seen another one besides a fragment of a slug plate I found a few years ago ..


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Thanks Sandchip , I’ve lived in the Lavonia area my whole life , the Hartwell bottles were unexpected so who knows what else may turn up !! Apparently we’ve got some pretty hard to find bottles from this area !


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Ooh, good one! I believe the only other one in that mold is the one from Cordele, Ga. Not common at all, but I believe the Washington example is pretty danged rare. Oddly enough, my sister's second husband was from Washington, another good fellow that she should've hung on to.

Here's the south Georgia twin to yours. An older collector, long since passed, sold it to me for $10.00 years ago. Still miss the old fellow and the time we spent looking the fields for arrowheads.

I don't see how they crammed all that embossing into such a small area, especially on the Washington example.

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