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Odd closures are so AWESOME!!!!!


Aug 22, 2012
Show Me State (Missouri)
I nearly forgot about this thread until just recently when I added a new example of a beer bottle to the collection. Upon receiving it I was a bit stunned in that it still had an intact closure type mechanism. I had not expected this as I was simply interested in the bottle itself. This beer bottle looks like it may have been used only a single time in its life. It is super shiny, no wear at all even on the base, body surfaces or on the high points of its embossing. After a period of contemplation I've decided that the mechanism on this bottle is genuine, correct and original. This type mechanism was possibly one of the top five successful closures ever invented. The PUTNAM wire closure was designed to simply hold a CORK in place to keep the contents sealed in and prevent the CORK from being force out. So successful Henry W. Putnam became a major force in the bottle industry. The only drawback was it still required a secondary device to remove the cork. The beauty of it was that it was extremely easy to install compared to the older methods of securing a bottle cork. Notice on this FRED. MILLER BREWING CO. beer that the blob is somewhat taller than the later blob tops and it reminds me more of a whiskey bottle top. Enjoy the photos below, which include a shot of Patent #23263 for the PUTNAM mechanism and the MILLER beer bottle. PS: the cork itself is not original to the bottle, just the mechanism.



Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2006
Cool, I got a couple of those. Question, would these type of Bottles say Putnam on Bottom. I've seen & have some that do say Putnam on Bottom but those don't have a intact Closure? LEON.

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