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funny you would mention that seller. we dig a lot of vintage marbles in our search for old glass so i thought i'd track some marbles on Ebay to try to determine value. sdmad33 came up in my search. the seller doesn't seem to have much going in the line of ethics.. he/she does sell some genuine stuff, but alot of it is less than desirable, especially what they are calling " poisons ". jim


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I've been calling out this Douche for a few years on the forum now, it's hard to believe some of the prices he's sold some of his bottles for in the past. Either there are alot of very stupid people out there with disposable income or he's having shill bidders run stuff up that they later cancel the transaction for...


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Further to the starter on this thread and to echo Jim's sentiments . . . Attention all poison bottle collectors and especially my American friends in the field. The following, although a very attractive and interesting poison variant, is simply quite common in Canada: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-POISON-BOTTLE-5-Cobalt-Blue-CARBOLIC-ACID-Irregular-Hexagon-52-STARS-m-/370992997448?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5660e7e448 Over the last few years, several caches of this exact bottle, a 3-ounce, Ontario College of Pharmacy ("O.C.P. / ACID CARB." on the base) Carbolic Acid Coffin, have been discovered in the basements of a couple of old pharmacies and via a multi-generation veterinary business. In all, about 125-150 of these fellows have turned up, most of them in attic mint condition or nearly so. As to the vet business find, the Canadian Pickers of TV fame (infamy?) got this one, amounting to around 50 3-ouncers alone, and I appraised them on the show (shameless plug, I know). Now, poisons are funny in that even commons can hold a certain value because they are cross-category collectibles. I sell plenty of skull and crossbones amber iodines to the Goth crowd, for instance. Given all this, I'd put these 3-ounce carbolics in the $20 to $30 range, and certainly not at the outrageous values placed upon the bottle listed. Be aware. Be warned. Be careful. Gee, what an appropriate qualification for buying a poison bottle! P.S. Any O.C.P. poison bottle is also not nearly as old as the Ebay lister would have you believe. The listing states mid- to late nineteenth century. These bottles were not developed and introduced to the market until the early 1910s!


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I only have one thing too say about this! You have too admit that his name REALLY does match his profile!!!!

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