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Paper Label SPUR bottles


Well-Known Member
Mar 25, 2008
Just bought these at a small auction... I never see Spur soda bottles... not around here in Missouri anyway.... And these are the first paper label
I've seen for Spur... not sure of the year so someone here with the knowledge to understand the embossed info on the bottom please
chime in. And Thank You. The neck on the bottle are embossed Canada Dry as this is their cola (Nichol Kola that is :) )
I like the little bottle stoppers... too bad they are dry rotted... I will turn them upside down and soak in CLR to clean them up a bit...
Anyway been a bit since I bought a bottle and thought these were cool so I had to pick them up. Please anyone else that may have a paper
label version please post. I have a few Spur cardboard 6 pack carriers that are 40s era but think these are a little older for the style of carriers I think


Well-Known Member
Sep 21, 2014
British Columbia
Appears to be 1939, interesting they have those closures. I always wondered, it must have been only a very few select bottlers that would use those.

Old Wiltshire

Well-Known Member
Jan 10, 2017
Wiltshire UK
I would suggest they are normal crown closures.
The closures shown in the photograph do not appear to be attached to the neck in the normal way,
it would be good to see them in the open position.
It also appears odd that with the amount of corrosion present the labels have survived in such good condition?
A quick google search shows many images of Canada Dry 'Spur' bottles,
the vast majority having ACL type labels and all crown closures.

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Well-Known Member
May 24, 2014
Those closures are really odd. Never seen them on a soda from that era before. I would normally assume someone added them later but they sure look like they've been on there for a while.


Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri
Cool bottles! I like the embossing around the neck and the textured glass. I don't recall seeing paper label versions of Spur in the St. Louis area, mainly the six or seven ounce acl versions. I agree with the other comments that the closures are not original to the bottle, would have had a crown top cap.


Well-Known Member
Mar 25, 2008
They came with another paper label bottle for tomato juice that had the same stopper... I'm sure the stoppers were for once
the bottle was open they could be resealed... there are other caps I've seen on eBay that look like larger crown/caps that have
the little latch arm thing for resealing... Spur even made some. Does anyone remember the Tupperware reseal caps for soda
bottles?... kinda reminded me of little straw hats as a kid.
Funny to think someone couldn't finish a small 6-7 ounce drink and had to reseal it... Or maybe it's a sad thing that I can sit and
drink a 20 ounce bottle of soda at one sitting... Oh well... thanks for the comments folks love checking this site everyday to see
what pops up out there..

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