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Sharp & Dohme Baltimore, info?


Well-Known Member
Mar 5, 2008
Providence, RI
I know this company was extremely prolific, and most of their bottles are not worth much. I couldn't resist this one. It was mint with the cork and some of the pills. The shape was also neat. 6-sided cylinder. Does anyone know the "number" for it and value? Oh, 4" tall. Thanks



Well-Known Member
May 27, 2009
The land of Great Cheese and Beer
This is one of the most common poison bottles out there, next to the KV-1 and KO-5 (this is why it's so affordable)
It's a KH-26. Comes in 2 sizes, 3 1/2 and 2 3/8 and came in Amber, Cornflower and Clear. (I have seen a clear, but it had a pharmacy embossed on it and not S&D as they usually do)
Now if yours is actually 4", add that to the size list.
Now, here's the rub... There are a few American bottles that are listed in Kuhn's books that are not in the American Poison Bottle book from the APBCA. Reason being, there has not been any of these bottles that have been seen with any labels on them confirming that these were actually used to bottle poison. the KH-27 and the KV-6 fall in this list as well (along with some flasks I believe). The belief is they were originally added because of their shape alone which is not a guarantee of it's use in this case.
I have seen a KV-6 in store shelf condition and it was a med, not a poison. In fact, it's on ebay right now:

So, the KH-26 and 27 are in the same boat. Until a labeled bottle emerges saying it held poison, it has been placed in limbo in the poison bottle world.

But, in any case, they are cute and interesting bottles, none the less. Everyone should have at least one in their collection.


Well-Known Member
Actually there where one of these bottles with a label posted from the guy who found the bottles in safe a couple weeks ago. Im not sure what size that bottle was but it did have a poison label on it.I cant remember what the post was titled but im sure someone can come up with it.


Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2008
north west pa
Post was "Medicine Bottles full " in General Chat about bottles (page 3) . Not sure but it appears to be small size ,i guess the(unlisted 4"? ) KH 26 is still a mystery . Still don't see that 4'' often .


Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2008
north west pa
Hey Joe ,that one looks more like the bottle with label in the "Medicine bottles full " post ? Looking again yours looks a lot like the 4" ones . What size is yours? Nice one bet it is seen less than allthe others !

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